Rooming With A Friend: My Success Story

When applying for housing at IU, I opted against having a random roommate. Instead, my best friend and I decided from the moment we received our acceptance letters that we would room together. For us, this was a simple decision without any negative ramifications attached to it. In fact, we were both ecstatic! However, EVERY person we told of our decision placed an expiration date on our friendship (not an exaggeration).  They said that we should enjoy the next few months of friendship bliss, because soon we would hate each other.

Now, this definitely had me second-guessing my decision, especially when our other friends started betting on how long we would last as happy roommates. My best friend and I met in seventh grade and have been inseparable since. We are together so much that we are mistaken for sisters and complete each other’s sentences far too often. We were convinced that we could prove everyone wrong. So, we accepted the challenge and became roommates.

It has been over a month since move-in day, and our friendship is still going strong! We are proof that you CAN defy the odds! Here are a few reasons why our roommate situation rocks!

My roommate and me showing our Hoosier pride!

1. We accommodate one another  

Our schedules are very different (she has 8 AM's, I have 11 AM's), and I'm often coming into the room when she's already sleeping. Surprisingly, this is never an issue, and she even makes sure to leave my desk light on for me.

2. We avoided the awkward stage

It’s easier to ask someone you know for favors or for help with something. One rainy morning, I got a call from Kat who was stranded across campus without an umbrella and wearing her precious Steve Madden leather boots. What did I do? I threw on rain boots and trekked across campus, with my umbrella, to the rescue. It is things like this that a random roommate would likely not be willing to do, or that you would be unwilling to ask of them.

3. We transitioned well

The fact that I knew my roommate so well definitely helped make the change to college life a lot easier. Moving from home to the dorm is difficult at first. I haven’t been home sick yet, and I believe that it's because living with a friend makes it seem like I’m closer to home—it’s just an extended sleepover!

4. We keep the arguments to a minimum                     

Of course, we do get in the occasional argument. Getting along with your new roommate, even if you know them well, takes some work. Like with any relationship, the key is good communication. Kat and I are notorious for our 5-second fights that usually end in something like, "Want to go get food?” Now, it is no different. We simply talk out our issues and move on. We have both made new friends separately, but we do have mostly mutual friends, so fighting over social time in the room is never an issue. Also, the rules for the room were clearly discussed and both of our opinions taken into account from the very beginning. 

5. We created an awesome dorm

Since we were from the same hometown, we went dorm shopping together. We were able to split the cost of everything and color coordinate our bedding. Our room is a reflection of both of our personalities and feels very homey this way. We even did tons of Pinterest projects together to spice up our bland white walls. :) 

These are just a few of the reasons why I love my roommate situation. Everyone is different, and you personally know what type of set up you could handle. My advice to anyone wanting to room with someone they already know, especially if it's a close friend, is to access the friendship prior to making your decision. Obviously, if you already argue on a daily basis rooming together may not be the best idea. By no means should you let your peers make this decision for you, though. After all, it is the person you will be sharing very close quarters with for the entire school year.

So, I stand up in support of best friend roommates and say, "Go for it!". You likely won't regret it.

Happy roommate searching! 

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