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As a journalism major, I've recently been trying to venture outside of newspaper writing and trying other areas. I picked a few stories to cover for the Arbutus (the yearbook here). The focus: local restaurants that offer food eating challenges.

From Bub's Burgers to Buffa Louie's (the photo below is of their chalk board that displays the current wing challenge. Poor photo, I know!), I got the chance to talk to the managers of these local restaurants. I went in thinking that the story was really only about these food challenges (eating the hottest wings around or over a pound of a burger). But what I really ended up finding out was how much Bloomington thrives on locality.

Each of the restaurants I talked to all gushed about how their food comes from locals sources, or their decor is predominately IU/Bloomington oriented (Buffa's walls are covered in IU apparel and memorabilia).

This was interesting to me because I felt like it was the passion behind these restaurants, what helped them to serve Bloomington, townees and Hoosiers the best way possible.

Their goal is to serve their community and in doing so, they also support local food sources and help them to once again, serve the community. 

By interviewing these managers, I was able to discover an important cycle. It isn't just about serving great food. It's about the town, the people, and the goal. 

I guess my point is, take a second and instead of grabbing Burger King at the IMU, go down and get some local wings or a burger from one of these restaurants. Support local, because by doing so, you're only helping your community (even if it is only during the semesters you're here)

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