4 ways to come out of dead week alive

Whether it's your first set of finals as a freshman, or some of your last as a senior, everyone is bound to feel the heat of the end of the semester. But sometimes taking a few simple steps to relieve a little bit of stress can help you get through the last bit of the semester and possibly do an even better job on finals.

4. Go to the gym.

As a Hoosier, you automatically pay a fee in your tuition that goes towards a student gym membership for the two gyms located on campus. Lift some weights, walk on the treadmill. Anything can help release a little bit of stress that has built up from cramming for finals.

3. Shut the books and sleep.

Studies show that once an individual gets less than seven hours of sleep a night, his or her risks for heart failure, high blood pressure and depression greatly increase. About 40% of adults accidentally fall asleep during the day. So instead of risking counting sheep while you should be calculating that math problem on your final, maybe just make some more time for sleep during the next week.

2. Finger paint.

The Hutton Honors college (by the IMU and Ernie Pyle Hall) offers some stress-relieving finger painting. Take a second to set aside your adult responsibilities and act like a kid for a few minutes. You can get your paint on this Wednesday. 

1. Finally, my personal favorite way to relieve stress - yoga.

Simply doing some relaxing stretches can help to ease the mind and even help get your body ready for sleep. Or in my case, I just like to have fun with it.

I don't always hangout upside down, but when I do it's to avoid studying.

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