What's New IU - Week of 11/05/12 to 11/11/12

Whats New IU


  • Flashback

                   Trick or Treating for Cans = FUN!!!


                   Womens soccer: big ten Tournament Finals

                                  Armstrong Stadium All Day Monday November 5

                   Basketball Game

                                 Vs. Bryant

                                 Nov. 9 @ 8pm in Assembly Hall


                                 last home game vs Wisconsin

                                 This is a conference game… We’re going for the win… Rose Bowl here we come!

  • Fun Activities

                    Union Board Film Series

                                  Lawless showing Thur Fri Sat 8 and 11pm showing

                   What’s Next for YOU at IU

                                  All day Thurs November 8

                                 Come learn about Internships, studying abrad, where to live next year, Greek life, study skills and much more

                                 Held at the IMU

                    IU Theatre: Spring Awakening

                                Sat. Nov. 10 @ 2pm-4pm



                               Winner of eight 2007 Tony Awards including Best Musical!!!

Countdown to Thanksgiving: 2 weeks :D

*Also Tuesday November 6 11am-7pm visit the Student IT Ambassador’s Table…. our girl Katelin will be there at some point*


About The Author
Ashley MartinezEntrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management Major, Class of 2016, Las Vegas, NV

From the desert to the land of rain and greenery, introducing........ Ashley Martinez!!!! *wooooaaahhhh, the crowd goes wild*

If it isn't obvious already, I'm a goofball. I love to have fun, try everything, and learn about anything. I'm a member of the IU Ballroom Dancing Club and Team, the Philanthropy and Community Service Director for KLLC Bryan 2, Soprano in SPC^2, and a MORE Ambassador.

I'm also fortunate enough to be a Fry Scholar and a Hudson and Holland Scholar. Thank you IU!!!

During my time here at IU, I hope to meet a ton of amazing people, try as many different things as possible, study abroad in as many different places as I can, and intern with a different nonprofit every summer. Afterwards, I hope to be accepted into the Masters International Program through SPEA in partnership with the Peace Corps (studying Nonprofit Management). The end goal...start my own nonprofit organization called C.H.A.N.C.E., which is based on the community service club I founded two years ago at my high school (Green Valley High School). Check it out: http://www.gvchance.weebly.com

P.S. I'm actually from Henderson, but since no one in the midwest knows where that is......it's a suburb of Las Vegas. I live literally 10 minutes from the strip.