What's New IU: 10/22/12-10/28/12


Indiana University

  • Sports

                 Men’s Soccer

                         Vs. Evansville

                                   Wed. Oct. 24 @ 7pm

                 Women’s Volleyball

                         Vs. Michigan State

                                    Fri. Oct 26 @ 7pm

                        Vs. Michigan

                                    Sat. Oct. 27 @ 7pm

                 Women’s Soccer

                         Ohio State Alumni Weekend/Senior Night

                                   Fri. Oct. 26 @ 7pm

                Field Hockey

                        Vs. Ohio State

                                  Sat. Oct. 27 @1pm

  • Culture


                       Every day until the 27 from 7pm-8pm

                       Music Library & Recital Center (Bess Meshulam Simon Music Library and Recital Center)


  • Film

                  PROJECT NIM 2011 film, directed by James Marsh, Documentary 120 min.

                   Oct. 22 @ 7pm @ IU Cinema

                   In 1973, a newborn chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky was taken from his mother and sent to live with a human family as part of a Columbia University research project. If Nim could learn human communication, it would challenge the notion of language as a unique, hard-wired trait separating humans from other animals. The film traces Nim’s unique journey within human society and explores the complex relationships between Nim and his human surrogates. (35mm Presentation)

  • Your Future :D

                  MAPLA Law Day Fair

                  Wed. Oct. 24 @ 11am-3pm @ IMU

                  Speak with the people who make admission decisions from law schools across the country. Don't know what to ask? We have a list of questions. Last year 120 Law Schools sent representatives. Due to construction in Alumni Hall, representatives will be in various meeting rooms/ tree suites for this event. For more information: 812-855-1873, hpplc@indiana.edu,

  • Philanthropy

                    IU Dance Marathon

                    Fri. Oct. 26 @ IU Tennis Center

                    A 36 hour dance marathon with over 2,000 participants raising money for Riley Hospital for Children.

In Bloomington

  • Bloomington Storytellers Guild: Festival of Ghost Stories

                    Fri. Oct. 26 from 7pm to 8:30pm @ Bryan Park

                   Admission: Free!

                   An ink-black night with leering jack-o-lanterns and crisp cider set the stage for an outside concert of ghastly tales told in the dark at Bryan Park. Dress for the cold. Join the crowd for this 30-year Bloomington tradition presented the Friday before Halloween. Free. Adults, teens, OLDER school age children; NOT appropriate for young children.


  • Little 500 Fall Cycling – Cyclocross

                 Fri. Oct. 26 @ 5pm

                 IU Tailgate Fields

                 Cyclocross is a two person team event that involves obstacles, hill climbs, and uneven terrain. The goal this race is the first to complete 30 laps(for the men) and 20 laps(for the women) with a rider exchange after each lap as fast as possible. This will be a challenging event that forces the riders to get on and off their bikes so they must compete with the obstacles and not just other riders.


  • What’s Cooking on Friday?

                  Fri. Oct. 26 @ Asian Cultural Center


                 Find out what’s cooking on Friday! ACC’s special guest will unveil her/his culinary knowledge and tell you about the varieties and nuances of the featured Asian dish, as well as its preparation. At the end of the program, we will have food tasting. Due to limited seating, advance free registration is required. Email acc@indiana.edu or call (812) 856-5361 to register.


  • Barn of Terror

                 Every day until the 27th


                 Admissions: $8

                 The Barn of Terror is Bloomington's own home-grown and family owned and operated haunted attraction, giving all ages a fright night to remember. Wind your way through the dark twisting maze within the barn, but beware the creatures and...things...that await you inside!


  • The Great American Bake Sale

                   Sat. Oct. 27 from 4:30pm to 6pm and Sun. 8:30am-10am

                    St. Paul Catholic Center

                   The Great American Bake Sale raises funds for Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America. Every dollar buys 10 meals for a child in need.


  • Skate and Scare

                   Sat. Oct. 27 @ 7pm-9pm

                   Frank Southern Ice Arena

                   $6 per person

                   Kids and adults can skate to spooky tunes, enjoy warm cider, and skate through our haunted house on ice. There's also a happy house to skate through for the youngsters with trick-or-treat stations throughout. Prizes awarded for best, scariest, prettiest, and most elaborate costumes. For all ages.


  • Ending Credits Music Video

                    Parmigiano Reggiano


  • Special Thanks to our Guest Stars

                     Matt [the man with the epic Halloween themed door]

                     Doug [Fire Marshall; aka Matt’s roommate]

                     Emily [the fraud and guest announcer]

                     George [confused boy playing piano in the girls’ restroom; answers Matt’s question about his door]

About The Author
Ashley MartinezEntrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management Major, Class of 2016, Las Vegas, NV

From the desert to the land of rain and greenery, introducing........ Ashley Martinez!!!! *wooooaaahhhh, the crowd goes wild*

If it isn't obvious already, I'm a goofball. I love to have fun, try everything, and learn about anything. I'm a member of the IU Ballroom Dancing Club and Team, the Philanthropy and Community Service Director for KLLC Bryan 2, Soprano in SPC^2, and a MORE Ambassador.

I'm also fortunate enough to be a Fry Scholar and a Hudson and Holland Scholar. Thank you IU!!!

During my time here at IU, I hope to meet a ton of amazing people, try as many different things as possible, study abroad in as many different places as I can, and intern with a different nonprofit every summer. Afterwards, I hope to be accepted into the Masters International Program through SPEA in partnership with the Peace Corps (studying Nonprofit Management). The end goal...start my own nonprofit organization called C.H.A.N.C.E., which is based on the community service club I founded two years ago at my high school (Green Valley High School). Check it out: http://www.gvchance.weebly.com

P.S. I'm actually from Henderson, but since no one in the midwest knows where that is......it's a suburb of Las Vegas. I live literally 10 minutes from the strip.