A Guide to Winter in Bloomington

Between negative temperatures, stinging wind, and heavy snowfall, winter in the Midwest can be rough.  Here’s your guide to…

…Staying Warm

  • The main difference between high school and college?  At college, classes are twenty minutes apart, not two.  Bundle up.  I know, walking into high school with a coat, hat, and pair of gloves was social suicide.  Walking into college classes without a coat, hat, and pair of gloves is actual suicide.
  • Do you know who coined the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend”?  Me neither.  I’m wiling to bet, however, that he didn’t go to college.  If he did go to college, he would know that coffee is, in fact, a man’s best friend.  Or at least a college student’s.  Fortunately, Starbucks at the IMU, Cool Beans at Eigenmann, Cool Beans at Rose, The Round at Forest, and numerous Campus Cafes and Hoosier Cafes and Stores at numerous locations provide an endless supply of warm drinks—from coffee to tea to hot chocolate.

…Working Out

  • Layers of ice don’t bode well for bicycling or running (or, for that matter, walking) outside.  Luckily, the SRSC and the HPER offer multipurpose gyms; strength and cardio areas; group exercise, yoga, Pilate’s, and dance studios; racquetball, wallyball, and squash courts; table tennis and badminton; basketball and volleyball courts; futsal courts; indoor walking/jogging/running tracks; and pools and diving wells.  There’s no excuse not to work out

…Having Fun

  • Movies, Music, and More—found in Briscoe, Forest, Read, Union Street Center, and Wright, and open from 5 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.—offer a wide selection of movies, music, video games, and board games for those nights when all you want to do is cuddle up with a blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and a few friends.  Feeling brave?  Venture to the IMU, the IU Auditorium, AMC 11, or AMC 12.

…Staying Sane

  • Ignore the statuses of those high school friends who went to school in Florida or California.  Just ignore them.

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