A College-Friendly Recipe for Organization

Getting—and staying—organized can be a challenge for any college student.  Luckily, there’s a college-friendly recipe for success; just follow these six quick and easy steps.


  • planner
  • sticky notes
  • stapler
  • three-hole-punch
  • folder
  • binders
  • notebooks


1. Planner

At the beginning of the semester, look through all of your new syllabi and find all of the important dates:  quizzes, tests, exams, due dates.  Write down all of these important dates in your planner—it will give you a clear picture of which weeks you’ll be hitting the books and which weeks you’ll be hanging with friends.  This will allow you to stay on top of your work and allow you to plan ahead.

2. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are perfect for your many to-do lists and last-minute reminders.  Need to return a book to the library?  Write it on a sticky note.  Need to buy your friend a birthday present?  Write in on a sticky note.  Need to do laundry (and you will need to do laundry)?  You guessed it, write it on a sticky note.

3. Stapler and Three-Hole-Punch

Don’t forget these at home.  Your roommate won’t appreciate it when his stapler runs out of staplers and his three-hole-punch gets jammed because you’ve secretly been using them.

4. Folders and Binders

I suggest buying one folder and two binders.  The folder will be perfect for storing all of your syllabi, your paper due this week, your guidelines to the project due next week, etc.  Two binders, on the other hand, are perfect for sorting the rest of your papers and handouts—buy one for your MWF classes and one for your TTh classes.

5. Notebooks

Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinders.®  These are perfect for taking notes in class. Their rings open and close, allowing you to add and subtract paper as you please—no more tearing out sheets.  Did I mention they hold three subjects?


6.Blend Until Organized

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