Day One

I'm sitting here and thinking "It's my first post in this blog... and, actually, it's been a pretty rough week." Then, I wondered what was even rough about it? Well, nothing really. I mean, yes... there's the occasional drama because life is tricky and fluctuations in mood don't cease at any point in it. It's all an attitude thing, you know. One of the greatest epiphanies I had in college was all about how I realized that I couldn't validate myself through my accomplishments and any of my relationships. You're awesome and no one can take that away from you. Try your best and learn from everything that goes wrong.

So, what did I do? Well, I was just stressed. Here's the tale: an exam, some homework, blah bah blah. I realize I've got the rest of the world stressing me out even more than all of that. I'm vice president of VegIU. I'm composing music for a documentary being done by a team at the biology school. I'm also designing sound and music for our campus video game development team (Hoosier Games-- currently working on an iPad/iPhone game). I have a weekly radio show that can't slip through through the cracks. Last week specifically, I sang in a choir singing traditional Estonian folk songs at the Estonian Independence Day party at the IMU (I don't even speak Estonian). I was also a Kazakh spring welcoming party the day after.

What's coming up? Well, more accounting (oof). I'm an arts management major (SPEA) and I'm trying to wrap up that degree. I'm required to take some music courses, though (since it's my concentration). I'm telling you. . . don't miss a class with Andy Hollinden. That guy is AWESOME. I took his Music In The 70s & 80s class and am currently in his Music of Frank Zappa course (so good). My band, Anti-Swag Fiend Party, has a show on Friday. It's our first gig this semester (weird that we've been inactive regarding live performances), so that means practice, etc.. I'm really excited about it, though. Not just because I love performing, but because it's Rhino's 20th anniversary and I love that place (keepin' all-ages music alive in Bloomington!).

When I look back on the past week and some... and also consider this upcoming week... I realize that my problems are way cooler than they have been in the past, especially high school. Look at all this stuff stressing me out. It's awesome! I've always wanted to do music like this! My own personal bands and working on other forms of media... that's great! And I'm so into foreign cultures and languages (especially Scandinavian and all surrounding it), so getting in on Estonian independence day was fantastic.

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