The Most Worthwhile Classes I've taken at IU

It's that time of year when everyone is stressing out over their shopping cart trying to figure out their schedule for next semester. Picking classes can be really overwhelming, especially trying to make everything fit into a schedule without any 8ams or classes on Friday (if you're anything like me, that's always the goal). For tips on scheduling, click here.

If you're looking for classes you can pick up and add to your schedule, here are some of my most favorite (and in my opinion, the most worthwhile) classes that I've taken at IU so far.

1. ANTH-B 200 ...Bioanthropology (3 credit hours)

A little back story about me: I came to IU as a freshman with no idea what I wanted to study (aka Exploratory Major). I just read the class description for this class when registering at orientation, and it sounded interesting to me, so I signed up for it. My professor was Frederika Kaestle. This professor is wonderful and the class was super interesting to me. We did labs every section, and they were easy and fun. It was held in that gigantic lecture hall on the ground floor of Ballantine that has hundreds of seats, and I was that freshman sitting in the center of the front row at least 20 minutes early every day, clinging to every word during lecture and furiously typing notes. I had nightmares about oversleeping and missing this class even though it was at 12:20. Needless to say, as an exploratory major this was the class that made me decide I wanted to major in Anthropology. Yes, now you all think I'm a geek, but hey, I found a major I'm really passionate about. No shame.

Also! This class is an N&M (Natural and Mathematical Sciences), so if you need one of those to satisfy your Breadth of Inquiry GenEd credits, I highly recommend it!!

2. EDUC-U 450 ...The RA Class (2 credit hours)

This is the class that is required of you to take if you want to become an RA, but the class does so much more than train you to be an RA (i.e. "two roommates are fighting, so here's what to do"). The few assignments you have are fun, easy, and allow you to get creative (design a program, make a poster, etc). You will make friends with everyone in the class! You spend the class discussing controversial topics and topics such as race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. You learn about respecting others' viewpoints. It's hard to describe it in a way that doesn't make it sound lame, but seriously, this class is very worthwhile. You do also learn a lot about various resources at IU, and even though the rest of the material isn't necessarily academic, the class leaves you feeling very open-minded about all kinds of viewpoints and issues.

Side note: This class is only offered during the Spring semester, and it is an 8 weeks class. It is also only available to students who are applying to be an RA. It's not a commitment to being an RA though - I ended up not becoming an RA (yet), but I'm still happy that I took this class!

So those, for me, are the most worthwhile classes I've taken. Let me know if my recommendations helped you at all with choosing classes, and feel free to comment with your favorite classes that you've taken at IU, or classes you're looking forward to taking!

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I am a member for IU's chapter of Global Brigades where I am a part of the Water Brigade - over spring break we went to Honduras to build sustainable water collection and filtration systems to bring clean water to rural communities that don't currently have access to safe water. This year we are planning another brigade to Ghana in May!

I intern in the Anthropology Department's Zooarchaeology Lab (zooarchaeology = zoo + archaeology = animal bones). My goal for future semesters is to also have a museum internship. I also work as a tutor with the writing center, Writing Tutorial Services (WTS). I am a musician as well and have played flute in the All-Campus Band; although I also play piano and saxophone. And of course, I am a student blogger for!

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