11 Apps Every College Student Needs

So we're in that day in age where everyone seems like they're always on their phone.

Eating with/chatting with/hanging out with your friends now looks like this:

And this:

If you're going to be on your phone all the time, at least make it work for your advantage! Maybe you will become a better scholar because of it. Here are some really useful apps that I have come across and highly recommend!

1. Any.do

If you're anything like me, you depend on to-do lists. If you don't, and you find yourself stressed out a lot or forgetting a lot of things, then maybe you should reconsider your strategies and start making to-do lists.

This app lets you use your voice to add on to your list. You can check things off and change the priority level. Super helpful.

2. News360

I once had a professor tell our class that you aren't a real adult unless you read the news. I like this news app because you can tailor the stories that appear to stories you are most interested in reading. If you like, you can also authorize it to sync to your social media accounts so it keeps track of the types of stories/articles you view so it can get a better idea of what your interests are.

3. Studious

Did you completely space on a quiz? We've all been there. With this app you can enter all of your information for a class - when the quizzes and tests are, and when the papers are due, readings to complete, etc. and it will remind you of upcoming due dates. (See also: iHomework, a very similar app available for $1.)

4. Spending Tracker

Money is tight, since we're all broke college students. Whether you want to save up for spring break, you're in the market for a new laptop, or you just want to be able to pay rent, this app lets you create budget and spending plans. You can track purchases you make and create an income and expense report.

5. Dictionary.com

Find the definition of every word you're unsure about, because college readings can be brutal.

6. SelfControl

If you're in a time crunch and keep getting distracted, this app allows you to block certain websites while you study to help you stay off Twitter and help you make better use of your time.

7. Google Drive

Group projects can be a lot less of a headache with this app made for easy collaboration. Everyone who is allowed access to the documents can edit, and everyone gets up to 15GB of space for storing files that they can access from any device.

8. MyFitnessPal

This app helps you count your calorie intake and expenditure. It gives you the tools so that you can track yourself and reach your goal of losing, gaining, or maintaining weight. I speak SO highly of this app from personal experience. It also makes you really aware of what you eat and helps you avoid just mindless snacking. Using this app, I lost ~35 pounds my freshman year. If you're worried about the Freshman 15, this app is for you.

9. Amazon Price Check

If you feel like you might be spending too much for something, just scan the barcode and see the comparable prices on Amazon. Now you'll know if it's a deal or a don't.

10. Venmo

It's an app you can link to your bank account so your friends can pay you back all the money they owe you without having to deal with cash. Hello.

11. Duolingo

Language classes got you down? Duolingo is a great study app to help you learn the language and get an A in your class.

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