Student Organization Spotlight: WIUX

Looking for an awesome, accepting, engaging student organization? Look no further than WIUX: Pure Student Radio. It is a great way to get involved, and it is entirely student run. 

The Basics

The Stations

WIUX has two stations: WIUX 99.1 FM and B-Side, which is a completely online radio station. Another difference is that 99.1 is FCC regulated, meaning that there is no swearing in songs or by the DJs. B-Side, however, is free from censoring. Both are housed at the same station, which is an awesome little house on Woodlawn. (pictured above)


Anyone can apply to be DJ on either station. New applications are taken every semester, and even current DJs have to re-apply. So do not be afraid: you have plenty of chances to have your own show! I personally am a DJ for B-Side, and I am a freshman with no previous radio experience. It just goes to show that anyone has a chance.

This is part of the B-Side room at WIUX


If you are a DJ at WIUX, you have to join at least one committee. However, anyone can be on a committee, DJ or not! There are so many committees, which means you can find anything you are interested in: blogspecial eventsmusicsportsprogrammingpromotionsand more. I am a part of the music and special events committees. They are a ton of fun, and I've met some super awesome people through them!

If you want to learn more about WIUX, check out our website: While you are there, make sure to click the links in the top right-hand corner to listen to either of our stations online.

You can also check out our Facebook page:

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About The Author
Anna PolovickClass of 2017, Journalism and Ethnomusicology major

My name is Anna Polovick, and I'm originally from South Bend, IN. I'm part of the IU Bloomington Class of 2017, double majoring in journalism and ethnomusicology

Currently I am a DJ for the IU WIUX radio station, as well as on the music and special events committees for WIUX. I am a member of IU Navigators and the IU chapter of Journalists for Human Rights. I hope that you enjoy my blog posts!