Pursuing and Blending Your Interests at IU

This past week, some fellow students and I had the opportunity to have dinner with a patten lecturer, a biophysicist and professor from Princeton named William Bialek. Being an ethnomusicology and journalism major, what inspired me to go is beyond me. Despite his prominence in the scientific world, though, the advice and thoughts he had could apply to anyone. (There is more to him than just his beard, I promise.)

Pursue your interests

Professor Bialek told us that when he was in college, biology and physics were subjects that were not often combined. The two departments didn't get along, and people didn't understand how and why he would engage in both. Now, he has made many discoveries, and biophysics is not uncommon in our world. His message: pursue your interests. His main advice was to "think less about choosing and more about how to blend." He pointed out that in an ever-changing world, new fields are always going to arise. This means that two of your supposedly unrelated interests could become connected. Furthermore, you could be the one to make those connections through your unique lens.

Blend your interests

Sometimes it's difficult when you're in college and everyone wants to know your major, your minor, and basically a whole plan for your future. It's easy to drive yourself crazy thinking about your decisions, the future job market, and where you're going to fit in. According to Professor Bialek, you just need to take a step back. Pursue classes that interest you, even if it may mean stepping outside your comfort zone. You never know what the future holds or how your interests will coincide.

Making this happen at IU

There are plenty of resources that help you pursue various interests at IU Bloomington. One of the most amazing opportunities is the Individualized Major Program. This allows you to combine your interests to create a major that is unique to you. Check out some of the current majors here: http://www.indiana.edu/~imp/people/students.shtml

It's also fairly easy to explore various subjects, especially if you need gen ed credit. This semester, I took two ethnomusicology classes just because they sounded interesting. Now it's my second major. Sometimes you can find cool classes just by looking through random subjects! http://registrar.indiana.edu/browser/soc4142/index.shtml

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