(Not So Obvious) Freshmen Years Essentials

I know there are a lot of posts about important things to have your freshman year of college, but I want to share with you my personal nuggets of wisdom. These are my thoughts about what's not so obvious, but oh-so-necessary.

Letters and Stamps

This may seem old school, but when you miss your parents, siblings, or high school friends and no one answers the phone, writing letters is the perfect way to get out everything you want to say. Plus, I promise that your loved ones will be absolutely thrilled to receive mail - and might even send you something back!


Printers can be expensive, but let's face it: you're going to have to buy one eventually. When your quad printer stops working on the day your final paper is due (let's face it, this WILL happen at least once), you will thank the gods that you have a printer in your room. You can survive if you don't have one, it'll just make your life a whole lot easier.

Tide to Go

I'm not going to lie, I think this is kind of a life necessity. But it's especially important to have a Tide Stick when you have a nasty stain on your one nice shirt and an interview in ten minutes. Thankfully places like the Wright C-Store sell these, so you can buy one with your prepaid meal points!

Those are my short and sweet unconventional freshman tips. I hope you enjoy your time at IU - it's an absolute blast!

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