From Bloomington to NYC: Perks of Living in an Honors Dorm

This past Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New York City with 100 other students and student leaders from my residence hall. I'm a proud resident of Teter Boisen 1, and all of Boisen is an honors residential community this year. Due to a small program fee we pay per semester and lots of university funding, we got to travel to NYC for only $100. This fee included all of our transportation and lodging, skating at Bryant Park, one big meal at an Italian restaurant and plenty of snacks.

One of the most amazing parts of the trip was that we had freedom to explore New York City in small groups and experience all sorts of cultures and excursions. One of my personal favorite places the group I was with visited was the September 11th memorial. It was an emotional and beautiful sight to see. 

The trip was quite an amazing, fun experience. It was such a great way to start out the semester and meet some new people who live right in my building! Every year the honors dorm in Teter goes on a trip such as this, though the city (and therefore cost) can change from year to year. I highly recommend living in an honors residential community. Where else could you gain such a cool opportunity?! If you don't believe me, just see my roommate and I's cheesy Times Square selfie below:

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