Freshman Year Reflections

When I reflect on my freshman year at IU (but not as dramatic as Mulan's), there are a lot of different lessons I learned and advice I have that comes to my head.

However, the most important advice I can give any incoming freshman is that everyone's experience is different. It can be easy to compare your experience to those of friends at other colleges or even friends you know who go to IU. However, be patient. 

Everyone will have ups and downs in college. There is no clear answer to a lot of what you'll be doing and when you will feel comfortable and make close friends. Some people will go home multiple times a month, others won't go home all semester. My best advice is just to listen to yourself and figure out what's right for you. Try to be outgoing and make friends, but if you feel down, let yourself go home for a weekend or watch some netflix.

The one thing I can promise is that things will work out. You will make friends, find the right major, join an extra-curricular. It'll all be good in time (queue happy dance).

It may be right away, it may take a semester or year. Just be patient. IU is an amazing place with a lot of opportunities. Just take it in strides, and know that before you know it this place will become your home.

My roommate and I on one of our last days of freshman year
(after jumping in Showalter Fountain)

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