Bloomington on a Budget: Top 3 Free Opportunities

On November 4th, I had the most amazing opportunity: I got to hear actress Glenn Close introduce a free screening of "The Big Chill" at the beautiful IU Cinema and listen to her during a question and answer setting afterwards. Not only that, but as I left the building and approached her behind some other students, she took the time to say hello to us and shake our hands.

This is just one of many chances I've had at IU Bloomington to hear and experience amazing things for free. Here are my Top 3 Tips for easy ways to enjoy what IU has to offer:

1. See a Spectacular Speaker

This can be as easy as checking your e-mail: that's how I got the chance to see Glenn Close. You will receive tons of e-mails during your time at IU, but I promise it's worth it to read the updates! If you don't find anything in e-mails, you can check fliers around campus or even the sidewalk chalk. Additionally, here's a quick link to some of the patten lecturers that the College of Arts and Sciences hosts:

2. Do Group Exercise at the SRSC

These classes are so fun - and totally free! They are at the Student Recreational Sports Center and range from zumba to cardio kick-boxing. My personal favorite is cardio hip-hop. There's always a cheerful student instructor who plays awesome music and pushes you to get a great workout! Here's a link to the fall group exercise schedule:

3. Go to a Jacob's School of Music Concert

The Jacobs School houses some of the best musicians, singers, composers, and dancers on the face of the Earth (I'm pretty sure that's a fact). What's even better is that they have free concerts! Students, as well as visiting musicians and composers, often host free concerts. Check out their upcoming schedule:

There are many, many more opportunities for free, fun activities to do on campus at IU. However, those three are some of my personal favorites. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do!

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