The Perks of Diversity in College

Once you have been at a college like IU for almost two years, you will start to realize that you may have been taking the opportunities offered here for granted, since there is an extensive amount of options to choose from- major wise and activities wise. To demonstrate exactly what I mean, I'll take the example of being in in a choir this semester.

Considering I come from another country, and have only heard professional choirs through a production or on TV. It was an eye-opener to discover what it was like to actually be part of one that consists of approximately 200 people. Being a vocal major, one would think I would have been just fine on my first day in rehearsal. Honestly, that is what I thought too the night before, however, that was not exactly the case.

I should start by saying that I was always told I had a good voice, and as human nature has it, I was swept off my feet and got carried away to believe that I was the only one who could sing well in the entire world (especially coming from a musically-challenged family). However, my first rehearsal in one of the finest choirs in the Jacobs Music School gave me the well-deserved reality slap within the first few moments. Not only did I realize that that room was filled with people who could either sing like me, or better than me, but I also realized that the whole score we were singing was in German! I was so lost, to a point where I considered dropping out since it was really hard to keep up with my part of the piece, while still harmonizing with the other voices. But I told myself to give it one more chance at the next rehearsal since there must have been something that they saw in me in the first place, to actually place me into the choir after my audition. And as expected, it did go much better the second time and onward, as I found my place and my own voice. However, there are still moments where I lose myself and find myself having to catch up. 

It is a very interesting experience, but what makes it so indelible in my head is the fact that it came at such a good time in my life, where I was able to understand exactly what it is like to be part of a full chorus. Now that I know what to expect when I walk into the rehearsal room, I am able to keep up and pronounce all the nuances of the German words- though I may not understand any of it!

This is what I appreciate about being part of a community in this college. You are able to discover yourself to such a large extent by trying out new activities, and learning more and more about them in depth. Thanks to IU and its vast opportunities, I am definitely considering staying in the choir through college. It may even help me out with my stage fright!

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