Embracing the Hoosier In You

Before I go on about the exciting and raging fire that is the spirit of IU's student body towards basketball and the team, I should start by saying that I was never a huge sports fan. Being an international student, I was never aware of the actual craze that I had heard about when it came to sports, especially at IU. So when I first came, it was so refreshing to see that basketball seems to be one thing that really brings everyone closer together, considering the size of the student body. 

Hoosier Hysteria exemplifies the unity that I am referring to so vividly, starting with the fact that the line started forming the night before so that people could get good enough seats. My friend and I were smart enough to stand in line about three hours before it started, though it seemed worth it only after it started! We got a good tan from the hot sun while waiting outside. Assembly Hall seemed to be just as hot when we walked in with the number of people inside and the energy that you felt as soon as you entered. 

I'm glad that I saw this, as opposed to an actual game, since this really helped build my alacrity for the sport and the spirit that eventually comes with every IU student/alumni. I saw the incredible support that everyone shows towards all the players, whether it was the men or women's team for basketball. There were so many different events that went on, from introducing all the players and the coaches, to events like the dunk contest. It was so entertaining, and the vigor was kept alive the whole time. I sincerely hope that I can keep up this new interest that I see increasing in me for college basketball at IU.


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