One Of The Many Reasons Why The J School Is Awesome

Because I transferred here in the middle of my sophomore year and changed my major as a junior, I'm not able to study abroad for a semester like a lot of my friends have. Hearing their stories makes me jealous that I can't have cultural experiences as a student (of course I'll travel one day, but being there during college would be a totally different experience). Thanks to the journalism school, I don't have to be jealous anymore!

Every year, journalism students have the opportunity to travel to amazing places around the world. The J School offers spring semester classes that go abroad during spring break. This semester, students traveled to London, Paris, and Chile. Some students also traveled to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Festival. 

After meeting with my advisor and planning out the rest of my college courses, she told me I am able to take a travel course in Spring 2013. That sounds like a long time away, and I'll probably travel before then, but I am so excited to take advantage of one of the many experiences offered through the journalism school here at Indiana University!

For more information on travel courses, visit the school of journalism's website.

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