My Guide To Surviving Finals Week

The most wonderful time of the year (Little 500, obviously) has passed, and we're all getting a nice slap in the face from reality after realizing finals are just one week away. Do not be afraid, Hoosiers! Follow my advice for surviving and doing well on your finals!

1. Start studying now, if you haven't already. Don't wait until two hours before your final to finally open your book! If you start studying now, you will have more free time next week to relax (which we all deserve to do after getting an A on a final and in the class!)

2. Don't be lazy this weekend. I'm not saying you should stay in ALL weekend, but it's a wise idea to wake up early and go to your favorite lunch spot to study. 

3. Take breaks! Go to the gym, grab dinner with friends, watch a movie. Don't overwork yourself.. you will have a mental breakdown. I know, I've been there. 

4. Order Pizza X. cheesy bread, the Little 500 Deal, an XL pepperoni pizza...treat yourself to some comfort food. (You can go to the gym on your study break!)

5. Study with friends. We all have different study methods, but I personally do better on an exam after reviewing the material with friends. You'll help each other out, especially if you have been absent for a few lectures.

6. Take a nap. This is my advice to survive everything, though. I don't think it needs an explanation. 

Good luck, Hoosiers! 

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