10 Reasons Why I Love being a Hoosier

If you're already an IU Hoosier, you already know all of the reasons why Indiana University is awesome. If you're a prospective Hoosier, this is for you!

10. Campus

Bloomington, IN is home to the most beautiful college campus in all of America. Fact (kind of). No matter what season it is, it's gorgeous. The first flower to bloom, the first leaf to fall, the first snow flake to drop, it's all breathtaking. 

9. The MAC

The Musical Arts Center hosts tons of free shows throughout the year (check out the Jazz Ensemble one of these days!) It also puts on opera and ballet shows at very decent prices! 

8. Sports (not the bar, and not in general, I'm talking about basketball)

It's fun to go to a school with a good basketball team. I'm not even a sports fan AT ALL, but I'm a big Hoosier fan. Whether it's watching the basketball games with friends or watching the girls on campus stalk Cody Zeller, I'm entertained.

7. Student Involvement

Since I'm not a part of Greek life, joining a lot of clubs was my way of meeting new people. It's also great for getting experience prior to internships. I'm on the executive board for Habitat for Humanity and have worked on a committee for Girls Inc. through PRSSA, which have both given me a lot of experience for the real world. 

6. School of Journalism

I'm obsessed with my major, which is pretty cool, because sadly not a lot of people say that. The professors are experienced professionals and there are some really cool classes. For example, one of my classes this semester is "Gender, Race, & The Media"--sounds interesting, doesn't it? It is.

5. Tailgating

Again, I'm not a sports fan, but tailgating the football games is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. Family, friends, food, and beer (oh, and football) make for a great day!

4. Bars

Going out at home isn't the same as going out at school. $2 Tuesday (KOK), 15 cent beer on Wednesday (Bluebird), $3 Thursday (KOK), Sink the Biz (Nick's). Enough said! 

3. Bloomington Restaurants 

If you didn't already know, I am kind of a foodie. Bloomington has so many restaurants, you can probably eat at a new place every day for a year. My favorites: Bub's, Falafels, Feast, Mother Bear's, and Runcible Spoon

2. Little 500

AKA "the greatest college weekend" or "the most wonderful time of the year". 

1. Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier

I can't even remember how many times I've run into alumni at random places (Lollapalooza, Cubs games, the JFK airport in NYC) and had a conversation about how great it is to be a Hoosier. No, I didn't know these people, but they come up to me because I'm wearing IU apparrel. They always remind me to cherish my time at IU because they wish they could go back. I LOVE being a Hoosier because it has given me the opportunity to create relationships with so many great people. 

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