Yummy! The Kingdom of Food - Season 1

Undoubtedly, food is essence of life. It provides you with sufficient daily nutrition and supports your daily life. However, food can not only satisfy your hunger, it can also satisfy your heart. Choosing the food conciously and enjoying the diverse food of international restaurants are critical to IU campus life.

In my first posting, I’ll recommend some good restaurants to taste the different kind of food in Bloomington.

  1. Try some sushi in high quality and low price- Ami or Sushi Bar.

Ami is located in the 3rd St and beside other restaurants such as Red Chopsticks, Mother Bears, and other places. Every Tuesday, you can get a discount off your order. The picture above is my favorite sushi named Tuna Crunch. My friends and I also love Ultimate Shrimp and Mountain as well. These sushi rolls are popular and prevalent among students. On the other hand, they have Udon, rice, and other common Japanese foods.

Sushi Bar is located on the 10th Street, opposite Tulip Tree. They will provide the free special meal when you are birthday.

2. My Thai— delicious Thai food

Thai food is known as its spicy and hot. But this time, I would like to recommend the desserts to you guys.


This dessert is made of mangos, coconuts, and sticky rice. It tastes like silky and sweet, which is very suitable for try after any entree. My Thai is located by other international restauranst on 4th Street. Many excellent restaurants comprise 4th street in B-town, where international and local students love to go.

3. Steak—authentic American Food (Long Horn/Texas House)

As international students in IU, steaks are new and novel to us because we cannot taste such a real American style steak in such a low price outside America. Thus, I especially recommend these two restaurants to international students who would love to try some steaks and American Style foods.


If you are interested in foods and willing to try different and new things, Bloomington will satisfy your appetite. If you have some suggestions to me or you know some awesome places, feel free to let me know. I really love to exchange our opinions about foods, desserts and whatever related to food.

In the future, I will post more blog to introduce the different restaurants and different yummy food.

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