Sexuality Education for College Students

Many people within their first years of college experiment with alcohol and sex (amongst other more positive correlations, but for the purpose of this post, alcohol and sex). Often times these two, in combination, are abused or used with a lack of responsibility leading to, in some cases, transmission of STIs, unplanned pregnancies, and identity or relationship confusion.

We all had some form of sexual health education in elementary school and probably middle school. With contents relating to "What's Happening to my Body?" or often referred to as "The Video." However, in the state of Indiana, public schools are only required to teach HIV/AIDS, STIs, and breast and testicular cancer. Most schools, I know the ones I attended, did only teach those things. They did not teach any preventative methods besides abstinence, no identity information, and did not help students know how healthy and appropriate relationships are defined. These are things I personally learned along the way, but did not officially get any comprehensive sexual health information until college. Thus, I feel as though if Indiana as a state is not going to require this information be taught, then it should be disseminated in college. Fortunately, IUB students have a great human sexuality program and I strongly recommend at least, the first level class and subsequent classes in this field. At the very least I think college freshman should take one semester of Human Sexuality to help them define their own identity, have accurate information about other sexual orientations, and help prevent STIs as well as unplanned pregnancies among college students.

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