About Me!

My name is Amy Nicole Harmeson! I am from Seymour/Columbus, Indiana area. Here in Bloomington I live in apartments near the stadium with my friend and younger sister. I am a Senior at IUB  with a major in English and minors in Psychology and Sociology. I am not quite sure what I want to do as a career yet though. I try to be involved on campus as much as I can but I am so connected with my friends and family back home that I find myself there a lot. The English major probably gives away that my hobbies include reading and writing, but I also like playing tennis and hanging out with my friends.

I just got engaged and plan to get married on August 3, 2013. My fiance and I have the cutest Husky/Boxer puppy that we rescued on the side of the road and named Buster. We are all excited to move into a house we just bought in Seymour.

My intent was to insert a picture of myself but since I have never had professional pictures done and wanted to spare everyone the pictures of me with my friends, I did not include one!

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