Things Everyone Should Do Before Classes Start

The start of the semester is drawing nearer and nearer and with much anticipation from me and I’m sure thousands of my other Hoosier brothers and sisters. For returning students and anxious freshmen the start of a new semester can bring anxiety, stress, and a large to do list. However, it’s important to take a break to have fun and enjoy life. Below is a list of things I believe every student, new or old, should do before the first day of class.

Take a walk/run/bike ride through campus:

It’s no secret the IU is one of the most beautiful campuses around and sometimes during the hustle and bustle of classes one forgets to stop and smell the roses. Whether you’re a new student or one that’s very familiar with campus, taking some time to appreciate how beautiful IU is can really make you smile and remind you one of the reasons you became a Hoosier. 

Indulge in some B-town favorites:

If one of the reasons you’re excited to get back to Bloomington doesn't’t have to do with your favorite IU staples then you’re obviously lying to yourself. It doesn't’t matter if its wings from Buffa Louie’s or authentic Indian food from 4th street everyone should be excited to indulge in delicious foods while at IU. If you’re new to Hoosier nation I recommend trying classics like Mother Bear’s Pizza and The Village Deli first.

(Myself and two of my best friends enjoying late night Mother Bear's.)

Make a new friend:

And I’m not only talking to freshmen! New friends can bring tons of great things, like new opportunities, experiences, and memories. As an incoming junior, every semester I’ve spent at IU I’ve made more and more lifelong friendships. And who knows, that person you say hi to may become the best friend you’ve ever had or the best beer pong partner you’ve ever met. 

Shop on Kirkwood:

I’d suggest everyone go pick up some new spirit wear for tailgating and Kirkwood is the best place to find it. However, don’t let the term Kirkwood limit your shopping experience. There are tons of cool shops and places to check out downtown and in the square too!

Pull an all nighter:

And I don’t mean the intense library study session kind of all nighter. Some of my very favorite memories as a Hoosier involve late night Pizza X, good conversation, and great people. Having a big late night sleepover with people on your dorm floor is a great way to get to know each other better and for returning students it’s also a great way to reconnect with friends you’ve missed all summer.

Visit the union:

Known as the heart of campus the Indiana Memorial Union is full of great things. If you’re new to campus it’s a great place to explore and familiarize yourself with so you know where you’re going if you decide to stop by between classes. The union is a great place to get your textbooks, enjoy a game of bowling, or just hang out with friends before the semester begins.

Go to a party:

Doesn’t matter if it’s a house party, fraternity, or an apartment warming party, but everyone should let loose and have some fun with friends and fellow Hoosiers before classes. We Hoosiers have never lost a party. So party hard, but party safe!

Figure out where your classes exactly are:

For returning students that sounds like advice solely for freshmen, but as an incoming junior I’ve misjudged the amount of time it takes to get from my apartment to class multiple times so it’s a good idea that you’re positive you know where you’re going and how long it takes to get there. For freshmen I suggest you take an hour out of one of your days before classes to figure out where your classes are as well as what path to take to get there. Also figure out the bus routes! You may think walking everywhere seems like cake, but when you’re running late for class or there’s tons of snow you’ll want to know which bus to take.

There are tons of things to do before classes start for everyone, but don’t forget to take some time to enjoy campus and your time before homework starts to pile up!

And for even more fun things to do check out this IU Bucket List Blog:

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Amanda GilmourJournalism Major, Class of 2015

Hey everyone! My names Amanda and I'm super excited to be blogging for We Are IU! As a Journalism major I'm really glad to be able to get my writing out there in any way and it makes it a thousand times better that I get to write about one of my favorite places on earth, IU! 

I'll be junior this coming fall and it's hard to believe two years have already flown by! I've been involved with a couple other organizations around campus like Union Board, Advertising Club, and I'm also a Hudson and Holland Scholar! I also do a lot of volunteer work with the Food Bank and writing tutoring.

I have a lot of big plans for my near and distant future and I'm hoping to share some of those goals and experiences here with everyone!

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