Who says you can't go home? Things you can do during a weekend home

I absolutely love IU. You have so many options for things to do here - there really is something going on at any time. But sometimes, school and busy college life just gets to you, and you need to break out of your normal routine and take a weekend to regroup and refocus. Sometimes you just need a trip home. 

Take this from someone who feels like she's missing out on something super amazing if she's not out and about on the weekends. A nice, relaxing weekend at home can be just what you need to rejuvenate before tackling those pre-spring break projects and exams. Given that I won't be home for spring break, I decided to head home this past weekend to visit my parents. I was at that point in the semester - usually around midterms, which is where we are now - when I started longing for a change of scenery. I'm not one to get homesick, but not knowing when my next trip home would be made going all the more appealing. Here are some reasons why going home for a weekend can actually be really cool. 

1. You can go places that require driving, and get to those places more easily, because you'll have access to a car. No waiting for busses (especially outside in the cold) when you're at home! That is, if you don't have a car at school, which many people don't, so enjoy getting around town more quickly!

2. You can have a nice meal (or two...or more...) with your parents, either at home, at places you loved growing up or at new places that opened since you were last home. I got to check out a new specialty cookie shop, which until this weekend I had only dreamt about during phone conversations with my parents. Whether you're used to eating at the food courts or cooking for yourself in an apartment, you'll definitely enjoy not having to prepare something yourself - or not having to use meal points, for a change.

3. Shopping trip! This is an awesome opportunity to get caught up with one or both parents. I went craft shopping with my mom and we crafted together for my sorority's big/little reveal next week! You don't have to craft, but it's certainly a fun time.

4. You can sleep in your own room/bed/couch. 

5. You can study and finish homework with little distractions. Unless you're too busy shopping, eating and/or watching TV. Remember, you only have about 48 hours at home!

Making a trip home may not always seem like a cool thing to do on a weekend - especially if you came to IU looking to venture out somewhere farther and different - but once you settle into college life and start living on your own, you'll start to appreciate the things you could do at home that you can't do as much when you're at school. Not only will being at school make you appreciate home, but going away for a few days can make you appreciate college that much more!

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