What a Week at IU!

One of the great things about a school like IU is the vast number of things that go on. You have so many choices about how to spend your time, and many of them are a lot of fun and some of them are for worthy causes! Within the last week, I took part in several amazing events. Here are some of the highlights!

1. Chicago - No, not the city. And not the rock band. I'm talking about the Broadway show, which made an appearance at the IU auditorium this past week. It was a great way to treat myself after turning in a big paper earlier that day. The show was great - the music, the dancing, everything!

A word of advice: If you can't find anyone to attend a show with but you still have a burning desire to go, GO. For several reasons: 1. You'll miss out on a great opportunity (I'd never seen Chicago in its entirety). 2. You never know who you'll see there. Within 5 minutes of arriving at the auditorium, I ran into a friend who had also made the decision to just go see the show on her own. She ran into another group of people she knew, and we all ended up hanging out before and after the show, as well as during intermission. 

Great shows like these don't come to the auditorium often, so when they do, take the chance and go while you can! Tickets are discounted for students!

2. Hoosier Hysteria - So if you haven't already heard, the Hoosiers men's basketball team has been named the pre-season #1 team in the country! This made Hoosier Hysteria, an annual event showcasing and previewing the men's and women's basketball seasons, even more exciting. People were lined up outside of Assembly Hall for 36 hours just to get good seats! (I only went 3 hours in advance, right when the doors opened.) Each member of the women's and men's teams as well as their coaches and staff were introduced to loud applause, cheering, and fireworks. The fans were so enthusiastic and supportive that the event sold out within an hour. It was amazing seeing almost 18,000 passionate Hoosier fans rallying together around the teams. It was also amazing hearing Victor Oladipo sing and watching the rest of the team dancing the Wobble and the Gangnam Style...

Following introductions were the shooting and dunking contests, which were pretty entertaining. Cody Zeller won the shooting and Oladipo won the dunking. Throughout both contests, players not participating entertained the crowd with commentary and stories. Needless to say, the overall talent from the team was quite impressive, and I can't wait to see what they bring to the games! 

Here are some friends and I in Assembly Hall! As you can tell, we didn't have the greatest seats...but we were very happy to be there!

3. Philanthropies - Philanthropy is a big deal in the Greek community, and each house has a cause that they spend much time and effort working and raising money for. This weekend, I had the great pleasure of participating in two philanthropies for two great causes. The first was Big Man on Campus (BMOC), a talent show featuring representatives from many of IU's fraternities that raises money for breast cancer awareness and research. The show was both entertaining and inspiring, and as a bonus, I went to BMOC as a reporter for the Arbutus yearbook. This meant I got to go backstage before and during the show and talk to some of the performers and people who worked to make BMOC happen. That was a lot of fun too!

The other event I attended was a carnival to raise money for child abuse prevention and awareness. It featured pumpkin painting, great food (cake anyone?), games, and a bounce house. The kid in me definitely came out in the bounce house, even though stepping in the mud with no shoes on in order tto exit wasn't much fun :D.  Here's the pumpkin I painted! It says "Go Hoosiers" around the pumpkin, but obviously I couldn't get that into the picture.             

The beautiful thing about philanthropy events like these is that they're open to everyone and the small amount of money you need to get in goes towards a great cause. The events are always fun and are a great way to meet new people. For those of you interested in Greek Life, going to philanthropies also gets your name and face out there to current Greek members. That definitely comes in handy when it's time for rush! 

Wow, what a week I had! And there's only more to come. This week: the highly anticipated Dance Marathon! 

About The Author
Alyssa SchorProud IU Student, Class of 2016

Hello Hoosiers! My name is Alyssa Schor and I'm a journalism major specializing in public relations with a minor in psychology. I've previously written for the Indiana Daily Student and this fall will serve as editor-in-chief of The Odyssey, a publication geared for students in Greek life. It's the perfect cross between my passion for Greek life, my skills in journalism and my career goals in PR.

I'm a member of the PR committee for IU Dance Marathon and have also helped out the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) with their annual Greek media training event. I like chocolate and food in general a lot, and you'll occasionally find me at Hillel eating their delicious challah and matzah ball soup (or whatever else they're serving that day). 

This is now my third year (what?!) blogging for WeAreIU.com, and I keep doing it because I'm so excited to share my stories with you and serve as a great resource for current and future IU students. If there is anything you want me to write about, let me know!