The Perks of Being a Hoosier

Like I've said in previous posts, the amazing opportunities at a school like IU are endless. This past weekend was no exception! Here are more reasons why being a Hoosier is so special. 

The Windy City

Sometimes, your major or student organizations allow for special trips or conferences. I was fortunate to travel with the School of Journalism to Chicago for their annual networking and media visit tour. Although the temperature never rose above 15 degrees and the wind was strong enough to knock someone over, this trip provided valuable connections with IU alumni working in Chicago media. Everyone toured two outlets: I visited a PR firm and the communications department at the Chicago Cubs. Both were very insightful into the world of PR and gave us freshmen valuable advice for later scoring an internship and/or job. Pictured below is my group at the PR firm. And, of course, we ate deep dish pizza! 

At some point you may feel the need for a change of scenery from Bloomington. Chicago is a great place for a getaway! It's only a four-hour drive and provides so many things to do. 

We left late Friday night and returned to Bloomington at 4:30 a.m. in the midst of a snowstorm. Although I slept the entire ride home, I was exhausted. So I went straight to bed, right? Think again...

IU Basketball vs. Michigan and College Gameday

With #1 visiting #3, the game against Michigan was the ideal choice for ESPN College Gameday. The broadcast began at 10 a.m., so doors to Assembly Hall opened at 8. Seats were first come, first serve and space was limited. This meant I had to be at Assembly Hall at 7:00 to get in line - you couldn't line up earlier. You were, however, allowed to stand outside before 7:00 in hopes of landing in front. I woke up at 6:00, made arrangements to meet someone, and showed up to an already long line shortly before 7. Snow constantly fell and temperatures loomed around 13 degrees (but it felt like summer compared to Chicago since there was no wind). After a freezing hour outside, we finally entered the warmth of Assembly Hall. We ended up in the fourth row in a section just right of center. Not bad! We got on TV during those big crowd shots. This is what the line looked like around 7:15. Yes, that is snow. 

We waited two hours before the broadcast started, during which people gave away shirts, funny headbands, signs, and other prizes. Pictured here are my friend and me with our Gameday signs!

The show was tons of fun! We screamed, cheered, sang, and went crazy for two hours. My favorite part was a "Know Your Teammate" quiz between Christian Watford and Victor Oladipo. They're very entertaining. 

After nine hours of waiting and dinner with the family who made a special trip in, the referee tipped the ball for the season's most exciting game. Assembly Hall had never been so loud and electric! I'll admit it was a little weird not rooting for Michigan, since I have several family connections there. But this is Indiana Basketball! The fans never lost their energy and enthusiasm, made me so proud to be a Hoosier! The game was close the entire time (except for our brief 15-point lead), but IU hung on to win 81-73! With that win, we returned to #1! 

Note to new students: Buy season tickets, and do it before orientation. I called the ticket office before I went to orientation in the summer, and it was a good thing I did! By the time I registered for classes, the ticket sales had been capped! It's really easy to call and order over the phone, I think it took me less than five minutes!

The Super Bowl

OK, this is completely unrelated to college, but I had to mention the Super Bowl since it topped off such a great weekend. Instead of writing a paragraph, I'll let the video do the talking! My floormates and I ran around the hall afterwards, raving about how great it was. 

See why being a Hoosier is so great? And we're just one month into the new semester! So much is yet to come! 

About The Author
Alyssa SchorProud IU Student, Class of 2016

Hello Hoosiers! My name is Alyssa Schor and I'm a journalism major specializing in public relations with a minor in psychology. I've previously written for the Indiana Daily Student and this fall will serve as editor-in-chief of The Odyssey, a publication geared for students in Greek life. It's the perfect cross between my passion for Greek life, my skills in journalism and my career goals in PR.

I'm a member of the PR committee for IU Dance Marathon and have also helped out the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) with their annual Greek media training event. I like chocolate and food in general a lot, and you'll occasionally find me at Hillel eating their delicious challah and matzah ball soup (or whatever else they're serving that day). 

This is now my third year (what?!) blogging for, and I keep doing it because I'm so excited to share my stories with you and serve as a great resource for current and future IU students. If there is anything you want me to write about, let me know!