My First Weeks at IU and Some Advice to Help You Survive it Too

As my parents drove down Fee Lane, I squealed with more excitement as each building passed. Memorial Stadium, Assembly Hall, Briscoe, McNutt - finally, we arrived at Foster. I couldn't contain my joy. I was here, and finally here for good. 

Almost 4 weeks later, I can't believe how much has happened. 

Let me give you a little background: My name is Alyssa Schor, and I hail from Youngstown, Ohio. More specifically, a very small suburb of Youngstown, Ohio. For those of you who are absolutely clueless as to where this city is located, it's in northeast Ohio about an hour east of Cleveland. We're pretty close to the Pennsylvania border as well, so you can also reach Pittsburgh in about an hour. I graduated high school with a class of only 110, so needless to say, IU is a HUGE change - but that's exactly what I came here for! I needed a place with tons of people to meet and many ways to get involved.

It helped that I already knew a significant number of people beforehand through BBYO, my high school Jewish youth group, and since moving in, I've met many more alumni and mutual friends. I've also slowly gotten to know people in my floor/dorm and classes, and let me say - it's still very overwhelming. (This photo is of two friends I met at a summer camp 2 years ago. Now we're together at IU! This is from the first Friday night dinner at Hillel which I will explain shortly.) 

To help me get through that chaos, I began signing up for various clubs and organizations and I advise you to do the same if you feel occasionally lost as I have. Sometimes you just don't know what to do with yourself or who to hang out with (or you can be by yourself, which sometimes can be a very good thing). Luckily, I have a few places that are starting to turn into real "safe havens."

1. Hillel: This is the center for Jewish life on campus. You can either join some of their clubs, attend their social events (which take place all over campus like at the Crimson Creamery), eat a free dinner every Friday night, or just hang out there. The people there are super nice and friendly and supportive and I truly feel at home whenever I'm there. The best part? You don't even have to be Jewish to go! I highly recommend trying a Friday night dinner there while you're at IU, they have some really awesome soup and a traditional Sabbath bread called challah (it's made with more eggs than regular bread) that is some of the tastiest I've ever had. Click here to see more of what they have to offer! 

2. The Journalism School: I have the real privilege of being part of a special group at the journalism school called the Ernie Pyle Scholars. There's only 21 of us in the program, and it's only the 21 of us in our Intro to Journalism class. We're all very similar, yet very different, and I've already begun making some great connections there. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, especially when we go to London in 2014! In addition to this group, I will soon be joining the staff of the Daily Student (IDS) and have already committed to the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). 

Sometimes you may not know what to do with yourself. Don't get frustrated and put pressure on yourself if something doesn't go your way, just try something else! And when it comes to meeting people, just be yourself, be friendly, get people's contact info, be open to changes, and I promise, everything will work out in the end. So far, even through all the stress, I manage to pull through and have an amazing time. It's only been a few weeks; I can't wait for what's to come.


Above: Me and my roomie!!!

Above right: Last week's tailgate! Seriously, if you haven't gone to one of these - GO. You can find spots where there aren't huge crowds of people. 

Right: Traditions and Spirit - This was AMAZING and so energetic! It was a pep rally for all the freshmen, featuring everything from the marching band to Cody Zeller to everyone going crazy during "This is Indiana"! (Is it basketball season yet? Haha) 

About The Author
Alyssa SchorProud IU Student, Class of 2016

Hello Hoosiers! My name is Alyssa Schor and I'm a journalism major specializing in public relations with a minor in psychology. I've previously written for the Indiana Daily Student and this fall will serve as editor-in-chief of The Odyssey, a publication geared for students in Greek life. It's the perfect cross between my passion for Greek life, my skills in journalism and my career goals in PR.

I'm a member of the PR committee for IU Dance Marathon and have also helped out the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) with their annual Greek media training event. I like chocolate and food in general a lot, and you'll occasionally find me at Hillel eating their delicious challah and matzah ball soup (or whatever else they're serving that day). 

This is now my third year (what?!) blogging for, and I keep doing it because I'm so excited to share my stories with you and serve as a great resource for current and future IU students. If there is anything you want me to write about, let me know!