Outline for the New Year

Hi all! I hope you've had a wonderful, relaxing break like I have. It's time to get back to work though!

I always get pretty excited for a new year. It just seems full of endless possibilities! So much can happen in a year, even though (depending on the context) a year can seem like a very short amount of time!

This year I have made a bucket list of things that I want to accomplish before the year is over, so I thought I would share and encourage you to do the same!

2015 Bucket list:

  1. Get back in shape!
  2. Limit eating out to no more than once a month.
  3. Finish the school year with no less than $200 in the bank.
  4. Pass each class with at least a B-.
  5. Workout at least 4 days every week.
  6. Make 3 new great friends!
  7. Buy the Harry Potter books 1-5 (I already own 6 & 7).
  8. Be able to run 2 consecutive miles by March.
  9. Be more positive about myself.
  10. Be more outgoing.
  11. Only take the bus when the weather is bad.
  12. Declare a major.
  13. Save more, spend less.
  14. Read more.
  15. Spend less time on social media.
  16. Be more kind and patient.
  17. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  18. Get a new summer job.
  19. Go to one concert and one Notre Dame football game.
  20. Watch more football.
  21. Get a tattoo.
  22. Eliminate fast food, soda, and potato chips from my diet.
  23. Run the entire 2015 Color Run.
  24. Visit two new places.
  25. Reap the benefits of the year's hard work in the next!
About The Author
Alyssa ModosEnglish Major, Future Book Editor, Class of 2018, Fort Wayne, IN

I'm an English major and Marketing minor with the dream of working for a Big Five publisher in the Big Apple.

I'm obsessed with my cat, I'm newly addicted to pineapple, and I like to go running for fun. When I'm not at the gym, you can find me buried under blankets in bed watching The Walking Dead. Every Friday is Pizza Friday at my place; it's my own little "slice" (heh heh) of IU Traditions and Spirit.

Follow me around online and through social media to get to know IU and how amazing it is. You'll get to know me, too -- I'm a pretty cool person, just throwing that out there. (:

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