Hanging Onto Pride: A Tough Semester for Hoosiers

This semester has been a difficult one for IU. Crime has been extremely prevalent in the short two months that students have been back on campus. With the uneasy events that have been back to back, it's hard to walk around campus without worry resting in the back of your mind.

Students began the school year with the thought of Hannah Wilson in their minds. While still mourning her death, students were unsettled by the disappearance of Joseph Smedley, who was a fellow student. Three days after the report of his disappearance, campus was shocked at the news of a murder-suicide. Yaolin Wang, a 21 year old student, was the victim of domestic violence that escalated to murder. On October 2nd, Joseph Smedley's body was found in Griffy Lake. Five days later, IU's Alpha Tau Omega chapter leaked a video of one of its members performing oral sex on a stripper, surrounded by his brothers who were cheering him on. One day later, the house was shut down and their charter was revoked. On October 17th, Triceten Bickford, a 19 year old student, drunkenly attacked a Muslim woman at a café while yelling about "white power."

With so much national attention due to the high level of crime and scandal occurring in such a short amount of time, it is hard to remember all of the amazing things about IU. In hard times like these, it is important to remember all of the reasons to be proud to be a Hoosier.

IU students look after each other.

For 16 years, IU and Recreational Sports have been hosting the Jill Behrman Color the Campus 5k run. Jill was an IU student and Rec Sports employee. Three years after she had left for a bike ride and never returned, it was discovered that she was murdered. To spread violence awareness, the JB5K color run is held every year in her honor.

At Indiana University, students are philanthropic.

Home of Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM), students have been fundraising annually for 25 years to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital. In the last year alone, students raised over 3.2 million dollars. Not only do they spend nearly two months fundraising, they also hold a grueling but extremely rewarding 36 hour dance marathon to show their support for the kids.

IU is known for prestigious academics.

The Kelley School of Business, Jacobs School of Music, and the School of Journalism are all recognized nationwide for their high standards and vigorous curricula. Kelley is regarded as one of the foremost business schools in the country, with Mark Cuban as it's most famous success story. Even if you're not a student of one of these three schools, you can expect a healthy challenge and a well-rounded education.

Indiana University students are kind.

At IU, you can expect to be randomly complimented by a stranger in passing. You can expect the door to be held for you and a friendly "no problem" in response to your "thanks!" You can expect an excited wave from a floormate from your freshman year. You can expect a classmate to pick up the pencil that you accidentally dropped. IU students are thoughtful, considerate, warm-hearted people.

IU students are proud.

On any given day -- whether it's a jam-packed, class-filled Monday or a easy Saturday revolving around tailgating and college football -- you will see students sporting IU spirit wear. On any given day, you will see at least one posting on some social media platform about how IU is the best, most beautiful school along with how students are all so incredibly lucky to go here. On any given day that there happens to be a high school tour, you can count on hearing students yell a variation of "choose IU, we're the best!"

With so much crime and scandal occurring in such a short time span, it has been all too easy to forget why we love IU and why we chose it in the first place. We need to remember all of the positives about IU in the face of the negatives. I love Indiana University, and I always will. I have made such strong friendships with girls that I know will be my bridesmaids one day. I have taken classes with amazing professors that have inspired me to work diligently for the career that I want. I have experienced events and opportunities that would have never been available to me if it weren't for IU. I am so incredibly thankful for the year and a half that I have spent here, and I am so incredibly thrilled for what the two and a half years that I have remaining hold.

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