Finals Week:. Home Alone Edition

The three weeks that rest between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break are, as Clark Griswold would put it, "the threshold of hell." While it felt really great to have that all-too-short week of a break, you're now finding yourself having a meltdown every other hour. The reality has set in. The stress is higher than that guy down the hall. The anxiety is increasing, and so is your weight.

It's that time of year again: finals of here.

You're trying to be positive, but you have 3 exams, 5 papers, and 2 projects due the week before finals week. You're questioning what your professors went through to end up so cruel.

Some kid in your class mentions that, in the spirit of the Christmas season, the final should be take home. You immediately shoot this look at your professor.

Then you're like: "Fuck it - It's Over"

Your professor says no.

You've been studying so hard for so long that you no longer have the motivation to make yourself a decent meal.

It's Tuesday night. You thought your business final was on Thursday. You've just been informed that it's tomorrow morning.

You and your roommates are planning to drown your sorrows in pizza. The delivery guy forgot your cheese pizza.

Brain dead and pizza-less, you're now hangry. You take it out on the pizza man.

You've been studying for hours, yet you just failed the practice exam.

Tomorrow is your first final. You've been cramming for a week straight. You've accepted your fate, you've let go of the fear. You're leaving it in Herman B. Wells' spirit hands.

You've managed to wake up on time and make it to your first final. You're feeling pretty good about it. Your professor hands out the test and tells you to begin. You're suddenly feeling very afraid.

When you walk out of the examination room and people start asking How you did

Setting fear aside, you dive on in. You read the first question. You have no idea what the answer is.

When He Runs Around Like a Maniac

You finish. You realize you have to do this four more times before you're actually done.

When you walkout of the examination room and all the correct answers start coming back to you...

You've made it to the end of the week. You're handing in your last final to your professor. You're having merry and bright thoughts about him and your other professors.

You walk out of there, channeling your inner Kevin McCallister and thanking the Christmas gods that your nice, long winter break is finally here.

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