A Day in the Life of One College Student

I've provided you all with many posts about specific tidbits of college life, but I don't know if they all cohesively connect to portray an actual day/week/month/etc. in the life of a college student! This post is dedicated to mapping out what a typical week looks like for me. With that being said, I wouldn't consider my week that of a typical college student. Keep reading, and you'll see why. :) 


I start my day bright and early at 5:00 AM. Why in the world do I wake up at such an ungodly hour you ask? Some of you are going to think I'm crazy, and it's debatable. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I wake up at 5:00 so I can eat a little breakfast and be at the SRSC (one of two on-campus gyms) by 6:00. In my defense, I like being up early, I just don't like getting up early. Also, the gym gets super packed from about noon to 6:00/7:00 at night. I like to be as zen as possible when I'm working out, I don't really like battling for weights and equipment. I'm all about doing my own thing and getting it done as quickly as I can!

After spending about an hour and a half at the gym, I come back to my room and get ready for the day. I try to get some homework done before I have to leave at 9:40 for my 10:10 W170 (an English class which focuses on the popular theme of the Chosen One -- think Anakin Skywalker, Harry Potter, Tris Prior, etc.) class in Ballantine. I like to leave about half an hour early for all of my classes if I'm coming from my room. This allows enough walking time, and gets me to class about ten minutes early. W170 ends at 11:00, and I go directly to Ernie Pyle Hall for J110 (a class about the role of journalism and mass communications), which lets out at 12:30. After J110, I go to the IMU and scout out a comfy chair or couch. These are very hard to come by, think Black Friday and crazy shoppers. It can get pretty difficult to score a good seat at the Union. After I manage to find some place to sit, I waste away a couple hours doing homework or scrolling through Tumblr. I leave the IMU at 2:10 to walk to my 2:30 CJUS-100 (intro to criminal justice with B Hiddy -- a legend) class in Myers Hall. When that class ends at 3:20, I walk back to Foster. I eat dinner between five and six, and whatever comes after that is usually a wildcard. I might lay around or I might hang out with friends, it just depends. 


On Tuesdays, I wake up at 7:00 AM for my 8:00 P102 (intro to psych 2) class in the Psych building. I take something with me for breakfast and eat it about half way through class, which ends at 9:15. I go to the gym right afterwards. I'm usually back at Foster by 11:30, when I'll get ready for the day and eat lunch. My next class, L111 in Sycamore (an English literature class focusing on Disney film adaptions and the texts they're adapted from with Dana Anderson, who is totally awesome and by far my favorite professor/teacher I've ever had) doesn't start until 2:30, so I either do homework, laundry or nothing in particular until I leave at 2:00. I get done with class at 3:45 and then head back to Foster. 


Just kidding, I don't actually own anything that's pink. I just saw an opportunity and I had to take it (: Wednesday is a repeat of Monday. Except happier because the week is halfway over!


Tuesday on repeat. College is thrilling.


My Friday mornings are the same as Mondays and Wednesdays, but I only have W170 followed by my CJUS-100 discussion section at 12:20 in Willkie. At 11:00 I walk over to Willkie and relax on one of their comfy couches until my class starts. I usually pack my lunch and eat it while I'm waiting. Then at 1:10, I make THE LONGEST WALK EVER (seriously) back to Foster. It takes me around 25 minutes to walk back. Then I do whatever for the rest of the weekend!

This detailed description of my life was to give you a good idea of what a college week might look like. (And also to refer to Mean Girls, because why not?)

My routine is not very typical, and you might see why now. Very few students wake up as early as I do just to go to the gym. I also tend to get all of my work done during the day so I have time to relax and do whatever I want at night -- many people procrastinate instead. And if that works for you, then stick with it! It just doesn't work for me.

You may have also noticed that I haven't included anything about partying. This is because I don't really party. The last time I went to a party was Halloween weekend. You're probably thinking, "oh, that's strange for a college student," and it kind of is. I genuinely don't like drinking, and parties tend to not be much fun (in my opinion, at least) if you're the only sober one among the inebriated. Like procrastinators, I have nothing against people who like to party, it's just not really my thing! Do what makes you happy (:

So that's a wrap on this post, but for more about me, checkout my personal blog that will be up and running sometime in May: www.fitlyss.blogspot.com!

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