A College Story: Part One

As soon as you arrive on campus, you feel so... College.

Mom and dad have left, you're unpacked, and you're ready to do what college kids do best.

You're thinking, "OH MY GOSH COLLEGE IS SO FUN."

Then you start classes.

You're a month into the school year, and everyone is exhausted.

But you're all still ready to party on the weekends.

Midterms are suddenly here, and you've never been more terrified.

You've been awake for 36 hours, studying your little heart out. You no longer care about how you do on your exams because you're brain dead.

There's always that one midterm that has nothing to do with the study guide that your professor gives in class.

But thanks to your hard work (or maybe just sheer luck), you pass all of your midterms!

Soon enough it's Halloween. Your friends want you to dress up as some cliché because, well, it's Halloween.

You have SO MUCH FUN.

So much fun that you're only half awake the next day.

Some days, you question how you're even functioning and how you've made it this far.

You always have your friends to cheer you up though.

And pizza.

It seems like you just took your midterms, and now finals are two weeks away.

You've been staring at your notes for 15 minutes now. You're having midterm flashbacks. You're not ready. The procrastination is real.

Somehow you manage to buckle up and get that studying done.

You've taken 3 of your 5 finals.

You walk out of your last one like the champion that you are though.

You're ready for a nice break and to hang with the fam at home...

... But you're really gonna miss your college family.

As you're leaving campus to go home, you realize you killed it this semester. Bring on the next.

About The Author
Alyssa ModosEnglish Major, Future Book Editor, Class of 2018, Fort Wayne, IN

I'm an English major and Marketing minor with the dream of working for a Big Five publisher in the Big Apple.

I'm obsessed with my cat, I'm newly addicted to pineapple, and I like to go running for fun. When I'm not at the gym, you can find me buried under blankets in bed watching The Walking Dead. Every Friday is Pizza Friday at my place; it's my own little "slice" (heh heh) of IU Traditions and Spirit.

Follow me around online and through social media to get to know IU and how amazing it is. You'll get to know me, too -- I'm a pretty cool person, just throwing that out there. (:

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