Why Alyssa Came to IU!

I believe I became a Hoosier years before I enrolled in classes at IU out of sheer excitement for college! I was drawn to IU, first of all, for dance. I am a Modern Dance Major in the HPER School of Kinesiology. I enjoy dancing from within and drawing from organic and natural images as my inspiration. I knew that Bloomington would provide such inspiration. There is a large community of artists in Bloomington, I have come to find out! Festivals and fairs can be found in downtown Bloomington from time to time. It is a really great opportunity to be exposed to every type of art and stay inspired. I knew that IU would aid me in my Dance Major education even past the classes I registered for. I decided to get season tickets to the IU Auditorium this year and have really enjoyed catching some amazing dance shows! It turned out that some of them even became mandatory to see for my classes! Having the IU Auditorium available is such a blessing because not every university places as much importance as IU does on performing arts. I really recommend getting season tickets, even if they are cheap seats in the back row with me! IU has Broadway shows and A-List comedians, singers and actors perform on that stage! Never again will we be able to charge a Broadway show to our Bursar, so take advantage! I knew that IU would be a great place to grow as an artist and discover new things everyday!

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