Toto, I Don't Think We Are In Bloomington Anymore!

The IU bus system! I am so grateful for the resource of the busses here in Bloomington. Especially on those cold mornings, walking all the way up 3rd Street just doesn't seem like an option!  I have had some good times with these faithful busses; they can sometimes roll up just when I need them most! Other times, I am not so lucky! This past Saturday, I was trying to get to the College Mall, where the almighty Target establishment beams in the sunlight. The only problem was....I hopped the wrong bus. A 3 bus instead of a 9. Such a freshman mistake, but then again, I do not feel too bad given the fact that I am a freshman! After realizing the route was not one I was familiar with, I asked the driver. He was extremely kind and dropped me off at a bus stop that would hopefully be frequented by the 9 bus! I said "Thanks", stepped off the bus, and abandoned the only human contact I had! I might think twice the next time I decide to do that. Anyways, the bus-hut was located basically in an open field (I snapped a picture on my phone, shown here) and I trustingly waited under it, hoping I would see another bus soon. Six long minutes later another bus came- this time I made sure to check that it was a 9 bus! I finally made it to the Target with an adventure to share! Thank you, kind bus driver, for dropping me off at that random stop! I made it to Target in the end!



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