Hey There!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Alyssa and I am a Hoo-Hoo-Hoosier! ;)

I'm extremely excited to be a part of this new blog for Indiana University. I am an enthusiastic IU student!- originally from Chicago, IL......well 15 minutes outside the city so you decide if being "from Chicago" is an exaggeration! 

I am currently a Modern Dance Major, Business Minor, and gaining the pre-requisites in order to go to Graduate School for Physical Therapy.

I'm involved with lots of great things on campus such as RPS student government, the IU Auditorium, CRU a Christian movement on campus, and IU Dance Theater member!

I'll be keeping in touch letting you know what the "haps" are here in B-town!



Ps. This is a snapshot of a friend and I (right) enjoying the lights and some casual handstands outside the Art Museum! You have to try it!!

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