Dancing Outdoors On Campus and other "Ways to Stay Creative"

The gorgeous weather is inspiring many. Today in my "Dance Improvisation" class, we took our lesson outdoors to the river bank behind the Lilly Library.

This class combines the elements of movement, visual art, creativity, and spontaneity. We create dances and movements based on feelings or images and today we were able to use the stimuli from the gorgeous landscape of Indiana University's campus.

It is a thrilling thing, to be found dancing in the middle of campus. The reaction of passerby is usually unknown. I wonder if they enjoyed passing through our makeshift performance or if they wished they had taken a different route that day to avoid any awkwardness. Either way, I hope that even just one person's day was brightened by passing our garden-inspired performance.

Here is a list I found about "Ways to Stay Creative"-- I need to start doing some of these things because Bloomington is such an inspiring place to be, especially in the spring!



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