YO FRESHMAN, Leave the High School BS at the door.

The good news is, no matter who you were up until senior year of high school, college is your place to start over!  It’s not too often in life we get redos, but your freshman year is specifically reserved for that. Get ready to let go :)

I’m glad you were the captain of your state winning football team in high school.  I’m glad that you were the youngest member of the drum line.  I’m glad that you graduated at the top of your class.  I’m glad that you’re the girl in school with the most followers on Twitter.  I’m even glad that you constantly bragged about skating by, not applying yourself to your full potential.

But guess what… NOBODY CARES!!!  This is IU baby, and you have got to drop the middle school attitude before you can hang with us.  I’m embarrassed to admit that when I first moved into my dorm, I brought my varsity letters, picture megaphones, state championship ring—you know all the essentials to display and take with me to college.  I laugh every time I think about it.  It about broke my heart, the summer going into my freshman year of college, when my roommate tore my cheerleading sticker off of my car!  I had it made in high school and I wasn’t ready to let any of that go.

Thankfully, my old high school stuff didn’t even survive through welcome week before I sent it all back home.  How embarrassing would that have been if anybody saw it lol… When you walk across that stage and graduate, you also graduate from that life.

Freshman, believe me when I say there are MUCH better things waiting for you at Indiana University.  The life you lead in high school is not the one you will lead here.  I truly believe we were all made to do great things.  It’s up to us to figure it out and go do it!

I didn’t have the “catty stuck up problem” going on in high school, so it was pretty easy to make friends in college.  It blows my mind to see girls and guys who do.  I’m no better, you’re no better, he’s no better, she’s no better.  We are all students at Indiana University, whether you are a clueless freshman or an experienced senior.

Want to know how we know who the freshman are?  It’s the ones who travel in groups to the food courts.  It’s the girls wearing skirts and heels to every event.   It’s the boys who are now mysteriously wearing frat attire because all they can think about is getting a bid.  Oh and then there's the freshman who treat partying as if it were some new commodity. Not only is it annoying, but it is in no way shape or form cool to spam everyone's home pages with you taking shots, lil freshman! Most would throw lanyards into the freshman category, but I don’t.  I love those things.  I’ll rock a lanyard ‘till I rock a cap and gown.

JUST BE YOURSELF! Trust me, not a dang person is watching you enter the cafeteria by yourself.  I would eat by myself all the time!  I like just chillin and getting work done.  You almost always run into somebody you know anyways.  It’s the simple things like that though that will help you have a happy, successful freshman year.  I know it can seem scary at first.  IU is a big place.  It’s an unfamiliar place.  I know somewhere there are proper channels to go through to have some older kids on the block helping out, but I don’t know where to find them lol.  I’ll put it out there right now that you can feel free to use me!  I’m just a student trying to get a degree just like you are- so I’m not better, I’m not cooler… But I may know a thing or two that you don’t!

But if I can burn one concept into your little mind that is about to be taken over by so many great things this campus has to offer, let it be this- Don’t be too cool for anyone or anything.  Stay humble, classy, open-minded, friendly, and true to yourself! :)

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-Alyssa Andrews HL <3

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