Majoring in YouTube Sensationalism

Okay, so at Freshman Orientation, I remember them saying something like... somebody didn't know what major to pick, so they made up word puzzling as a major!  If that's not one of the coolest things that can happen on a college campus, I'm not sure what is...

I've been vlogging a lot on my channel, most recently to defend myself on ESPN's affiliate 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis.  There has been a lot of smack talk going on between Kentucky's YouTuber Casual Gamer Reed and I (Hoosier Lyss).  The attention got me a lot of views and also got me to thinking... is it possible that I can do this?  As of this morning, I was undecided in a major... 

WHICH, BY THE WAY--I was undecided on my major all freshman year long; it's not something you have to decide on and specialize in right away! :)

I announced that I was majoring in JOURNALISM!.. then somebody tweeted at me " YouTube sensation not a major down in Bloomington yet?"

That got me thinking... WHY NOT!!! Maybe even call it Majoring in "YouTube Sensationalism" How cool would that be?  I always talk about how not only do I want to make a difference in this world.. but I WILL

I'll be on 1070 The Fan today at exactly 6:35 pm April 4th :) I'm excited! We are going over Kentucky vs Indiana basketball, with my newest YouTube video recapping the season and trash talking, with a special serenade to Christian Watford at the end to convince him to stay!

For now, I'm chasing dreams and slowly making differences.  We'll see where IU takes me next.

-Alyssa :)

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