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What?! Absolutely not.  The truth is, Indiana University has the toughest rushing system as far as the ladies go.  That’s okay, it’s part of what makes us special and top notch.  While I LOVE all my best friends in sororities, you shouldn't feel like it is the only way to survive the social world of a college campus.

My freshman year, I went through 20 party. I really liked it! I thought this was right up my alley, a part of me at least.  There is a big part of me that loves getting dressed up, wearing bows and makeup, having a zillion girlfriends with 24/7 companionship and partying.  Wearing letters was very appealing and reminded me of dressing with a team, like back in high school.  I’d be one of those sorority girls that plasters her letters in every profile, hash tagging them in every tweet, captioning them in every picture and wearing them everywhere I go!  Not to mention, a sorority is a live-in-network system!  And I’m a lazy bum, so having somebody cook and clean for me would be super freaking awesome.  And pledge rides are in my opinion the best thing since sliced bread.  There are PLENTY of benefits to going greek at IU!

But there are other parts of me that wants to live in sweatpants with no makeup and ratty hair.  This girl in me likes to be a loner in her personal bedroom for 3 days straight while blogging, reading, writing, eating, watching movies, sleeping or dancing like an idiot to loud music by herself. The bottom line is I need massive amounts of alone time before I can handle massive amounts of girl time.  That picture is me and my best friend Jordan (Alpha Phi) bumming around and being idiots in my apartment- see the worlds CAN mix.  And what if I WANT to cook my own food one day, at whatever time I want to cook it?  What if I don’t WANT to pay a fine for using the wrong door, which I would probably space and do all the time.  What if I WANT to clean my room?  No, totally joking, I would never want that lol.

(Me, my roommate and Kaitlon Busser (Delta Zeta) cooking and eating in our kitchen for a bday!)

Ever heard of a GDI?  Yeah me too, but I’m not one of them.  I resent the term and would never use it to describe myself.  To clean it up, it stands for “Gosh Dang Independent.”  Don’t get me wrong, there is truth to the term and my independence is a major reason why I wouldn’t be able to live in a house.  I’m on too weird of a sleeping schedule and I don’t want to wear flip flops when I take a shower among so many other quirky reasons I have.  Not at all to say that those are outweighing factors against rushing, but it is important to know yourself well enough and be realistic.  After the picture excitement, first-time partying, and newness has passed, you need to be ready for that life every day! 

I can see how some guys and ladies might fall back onto the term “GDI” as a crutch because they didn’t get the house they wanted, fell through the cracks during rush, didn’t make grades or a number of things that didn’t go according to plan.  Maybe if they are describing themselves as that, they are.  The thing is- I DON’T CARE!  I’m not over here hating on the greeks, wearing “GDI” shirts and talking trash about sororities/frats.  It’s unnecessary and rude!  Whatever happened to the phrase “to each his own”??!  Some people truly are satisfied with the college life of going to class, going to work, being involved with clubs and organizations, doing internships, hanging out with friends or doing absolutely nothing but stare at the wall.

I do my own thing, outside of greek life.  Preparing for internships at Fox 59 Sports.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re into- good for you.  Nobody is stopping you from being yourself.  The rest will work itself out.  Greeks don’t need to hate on the other 80% of Indiana University that isn’t in a house as if they are a bunch of non-social, weird people that are below them because they don’t rep a few letters.  And the other 80% of Indiana University doesn’t need to act like the IU greeks are stuck up air heads that just care about partying and are “paying for friends.”  Those both sound terrible and rude ways of describing people and I’m sorry if you are somebody with those opinions.  You are very uninformed if you feel that way.  There are extremes to everything, but don’t follow those opinions as truth.  Meet people and decide for yourself their character.  Be open-minded.

2 of the 4 people in this picture are greek.  Can you tell which two?  This is a gathering of IU students for the Indy 500.

It wasn’t until I got to college freshman year and saw the party scene and figured out that frats and sororities were pretty cool.  I was so set on rushing.  Me and the new friends I met in college talked about it almost every day first semester.  All the rumors, the tiers, the people, the parties- it’s easy to get wrapped up.  I even remember saying “I don’t want to fall off the face of the earth and be stuck at creepy house parties.  That’s what will happen if I don’t rush.”  Today, I couldn’t be more embarrassed of that statement, and the fact that I didn’t do enough exploring and opinion-forming on my own.

A SUPER SCARY HOUSE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NOOOO!!! ...Wait, fun can happen outside of a frat basement???, the answer is yes.

Why limit yourself to house parties when we have the coolest, nicest athletes on campus who are a ton of fun to hang out with?  

Party with the football team!

Learn how to play lacrosse with the IU Lacrosse team!

Or just have a low-key night with the basketballers.

Our national soccer champs have a lot of fun hangouts too, as well as the IU baseballers and track runners.  When I was an idiot freshman, I was too silly to realize "house parties" could mean athletes, live-out frat/sororities, my own parties, my friends houses, student-organization parties, WHATEVER... There are so many fun people on campus.  Why not be social with'em all:)

Not rushing this year (sophomore yr) was a no-brainer for me.  After I got past the big deal it seemed like at the time, I didn’t really need/want to.  The truth is, I’m a little bit of all of those girls.  I’m a girly-girl-sorority girl, I’m an independent girl, I’m a student-organization girl, I’m an internship girl, I like hanging with friends constantly, but I could also stare at the wall doing nothing.

After giving it A LOT of thought, I I ended up not rushing last year because there was a boy who came into the picture. I cried a lot and struggled with understanding if I was making the right choice or not.  I didn’t want that, but I was willing to give it up to show I was ready to be serious.  While that is a respectable decision to opt out of the greek life, never do what I did my freshman year.  The bottom line is, you should know yourself well enough to maintain your values, character and everything you stand for.  Not trying is NOT the right answer.  Friends and boys come in and out of your life.  They become more than just friends and more than just boys whenever the pressure is off to be anything other than exactly who you are.  This is not a slam to any friends or boys that have entered my life, but a piece of advice that is crucial to achieving happiness on your own.  Think of the permanent people in your life.  Your family, best friends or a series significant other became those people because they know you inside and out- and love you endlessly for it.  There might be things they want for you in your best interest, would change about you if they could—but don’t.  Because that’s you and that’s enough.

Life is as easy as you make it.  So make it easy.  My friends and I came up with the perfect solution.

Zeta, Kapa Delta, Alpha Phi, Independent.

We have the best of both worlds.  Last year as second-semester freshman, the girls in sororities invited us out anyways.  Even though I’m not in a house, I go to date parties with my frat friends, Little 500 events with my sorority girls, spring break with my sorority girls, eat dinner at their houses that their cooks make, get ready, sleep over, watch movies, hand out, take pictures—everything!  On the other hand, me and the girls that got an apartment have our sorority girls over all the time!  They love getting away, using our kitchen, sleeping in our beds, using our showers, riding in our cars… Anything you can think of.  If I want to be a sorority girl for a week, I’ll be a sorority girl for a week.  If my Alpha Phis, Zetas, DZs and whoevers want to be bums and live like they are at home, they can.  It really comes down to who you are as a person and breaking those socially drawn lines that are all really stupid and in the big picture mean nothing.  I’m happy to say my friends and I were not affected by this at all!

Spring Break. A mix of sorority and "independent" :)

Little 500 pair with Zeta and ATO.

I ended up finding something I really enjoy doing with my time at IU!  I blog, like I am right now, did student organizations last year and now I am getting into sideline-reporting and the sports media industry!  Everything happens for a reason.  Everyone ends up where they are supposed to be.

These 4 years are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  So experience it all, explore everything and learn as much as possible.  It’s all about finding out who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life and who you want to spend it with.

Have your cake and eat it too;)!

keep on keepin' on
~Alyssa :)
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