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Starting something new today, and from this point on- All of my blogs will begin with good news... that isn't followed by bad news or some cheesy pun with subliminal advertising lol... SO!

The good news is today is a new day!  Yesterday is behind you.  Take advantage of the new day and do something productive!  There's a saying, "the best athletes suffer from short-term memory loss."  Probably my favorite quote of all time.  First heard this form my softball coach when I was young and in the prime age (middle school hardcoreness) to be full of myself in games after a great play... or get completely discouraged the whole day over one bad play.  So picture this: I’m on short stop, jump and stretch to catch a line drive hit over my head, then tag out a runner on second, executing a double play by myself.  The next play, the slowest grounder I’ve seen in my life rolls right between my legs….. WOP WOP WOP… This is also the day I first heard, “You can go from hero to billy goat in a matter of minutes.”  Saying that out loud STILL makes me crack up for some reason! Haha!

This good news is the perfect discussion starter for the key to success, according to Alyssa!  We’re all athletes in the game of life.  I’m feeling a sports analogy tip blog today.  I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

  • Accomplishments.  Pat yourself on the back when you do something good, but stay humble!  Don’t be THAT MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAMMATE that acts as though they are the shining star of every game.  Even if you are!  That’s cool, more power to ya, but it’s not a very inviting attitude.  If you’re good at what you do, trust me, you don’t have to tell everyone.  In fact, it’s a lot cooler if we just observe that about you.

  • Praying.  Know your relationship with God.  As long as you know where you’re at with your personal relationship, you’re solid:).  “Character is what you do when nobody is watching.”  So when you pray to God to help you “hit a clutch home run out of the park to win the game,” don’t forget to thank Him, “for winning the tournament and keeping everyone safe, with loving parents that made it all possible, surrounding you with great teammates to share it with, all the coaches that guided you there, and the wisdom you gained from the experience.”

  • Relationships.  I don’t know what FINALLY clicked with me, but the whole idea of one for the time being is so unappealing to me.  Dedicate time to yourself.  If relationships are distracting you from your end goal, or standards you set for yourself, sit out for an inning until you’ve taken a breather.  You can always come back in next round!  As for me, I’m done with boyfriends.  The next one I get, it’ll be because I honestly to God think he’s the one I’d quit playing the field for.

  • Goals.  Set manageable goals for yourself.  Nobody is perfect, which means there is always room for self-improvement.  From everything on the small, daily spectrum like… “drills” to long term like… “getting drafted after college!”  You can drill yourself by making it a goal to work out every day, or to send an email every week to somebody in a career field that interests you.  Maybe your long term “draft” is just keeping in mind a dream career you want to end up with after school. Don’t take your eye off the ball every chance you’re up to bat in life.

  • Failures.  This is the most interesting concept of life to me.  There’s this thing called catching the ball with both hands.  Mit + ball + hand = catch!  I missed a pretty simple pop fly as a young outfielder because I was too good for that method.  I think it’s crazy the supply of advice available to us, yet goes in one ear and out the other.  People truly need to feel the wrath of their own mistakes to understand why NOT to do make them in the future.  They are THE BEST learning experience!  Take them and grow from them!

  • Support System.  Keep in mind the roots of your success.  No game I have ever won was just because of me.  Appreciate your teammates (friends & PARENTS), coaches (teachers & PARENTS), and your #1 fans (family & PARENTS).  Catching my drift? I’m hitting you a line drive to the face saying appreciate the roots of your success, especially your parents.  Their wisdom, support, love, and encouragement is invaluable.

So basically, the most successful people are those who suffer from short term memory loss, but know how to pray about it, while sitting out a few innings when necessary.  They keep up with their drills, use both hands to catch the ball, and really appreciate their teammates, coaches, and fans.  OH and one last thing- the fence surrounding the outfield is not the limit.  Believe in yourself that you have what it takes to hit them out of the park- the sky is the limit!

if you let it be;)


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