25% done, 100% what you make it: Alyssa's College Adventures

I remember the first time I made cereal.  It was for my daddy, and as a little girl, I was pretty impressed with myself.  A little later on in life, he tells me the story of the time I made him Lucky Charms.  Little did I know, I mixed those miniature marshmallows in water, not milk.  I went to sleep that night holding onto my innocence with a sense of accomplishment, naïve about so many things in life- because my daddy ate that cereal like a champ.

After plowing through 3 iPhones, falling in and out of love, sleeping through a calculus midterm, and dishing out $600 worth of parking tickets, you might find it hard to believe that I finished my freshman year of college with so much more than I came with- and certainly more than I could have ever hoped for.

Above everything this year gave me, I know I’ve made friends for life, and that in itself is the greatest accomplishment.  Taking myself back to welcome week, we met our first guy friends at the IU pool.  They didn’t approach us until after I embarrassed myself off the high board.  Fail number 1 turned into “super cool upperclassmen Phi Delts” asking for our number and they both (Luke & Mark) turned out to be awesome friends to this day!

As a freshman, I moved my life out of my loving, familiar home and into Teter-Boisin through the window of my dorm on the corner of Sunrise and 10th Street.

I watched during welcome week a fraternity perform a step routine.  It felt like a "real college event that you see in the movies" those events seriously happen lol.

I tailgated with everybody under the sun- greek houses, mom and dad, Mitch Daniels, Mario and a Rubic's Cube- I MEAN EVERYONE!

I was elected the social chair of the IU College Republicans.


I directed half naked men and women near the Showalter Fountain in the nearly naked mile with the IU Student Alumni Association.

I later swam in Showalter Fountain.  Let’s keep that between you and me though ;).

I had my first surprise birthday party ever!  Props to my best friends Jordan Booth and Jess Schroer for being great friends, and keeping me in check- truly beautiful inside and out!  While I’m on this, I just want to say…Boys come and go.  And vice versa.  Keep your friendships at the top.  I am so thankful I had my group of girls ready to catch me at all of my freshman lows.

I did the notorious walk of shame from small wood the day before classes started with a girl who would later become my best friend.

I watched from the front row of the student section as Christian Watford hit the game-winning shot.

I made a silly YouTube video about the IU/UK game that later turned into a summer internship with ESPN’s Indianapolis affiliate 1070 The Fan… (and so much more).

I got a phone call after school let out from This Is Indiana’s Brice Fox to host his show about everything IU in the fall!  He’s getting a studio down town to produce in, so I’ll keep you all updated on that! I’m pumped.

I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC with the College Republicans.  There I met so many interesting people including Rick Santorum and was interviewed by Jesse Watters for the first time. 

I went on vacation without any adults, which I had never done before, to Panama City Beach.  There, I was interviewed by Jesse Watters for a second time, what are the odds?

I got swept off my feet by a boy for the first time in my life.  Swept off my feet and thrown into a spiral of emotions, life lessons, and most importantly- finding out who I am and who I’m not.  It was my last push from innocence into a world of strength I always knew I had, but couldn’t quite harness.

I played in the mud as if it was as clean as rain in the middle of McNutt.

I sang a karaoke duet to the Pokemon Theme song with a boy I didn't know. But here's a picture of me and my best friend singing after we played in mud!

I became a blogger for We Are IU, making top stories and front page. WHICH I LOVE!!!!

I skate boarded down Jordan Avenue in a super girl cape on my way to piano class.  When I started that class, I didn’t know where middle C was.  By the time my final came around, I was reading music and playing songs.  (Next year my plan is to cruise from class to class in a Barbie Jeep).

I skate boarded in the dorms too ;)

I went door to door, personally campaigning for Dave McIntosh, mostly spending the day with people I had just met.

I went through 20 party in the greek rush system.  I dropped for reasons I can’t even explain.  Turned out to be one of the best decisions I made this year.  Depending on how things are going, I may or may not rush as a sophomore, nothing I have to decide today! That's me and Tessa before entering Kappa Kappa Gamma.

I joined the individualized major program and I’m on my way to creating my own major in “Social Media.”

I signed my first lease for an apartment in BTOWN! Hamptons, get ready!  (called my mom about an hour before to let her know haha).

I made a legal contract to say I wouldn’t say what song I made with who… :D

I attended the Lincoln Day Dinner and met people who had seen, spread, and appreciated my humor in the video I made for IUGOP’s YouTube Channel.

I made a connection at that dinner that turned into a great opportunity with IndianaINTERNS.

I played on an Alpha Phi sorority volleyball team… As the “GDI.” (Gosh Darn Independent).

I was 4th of July with Luke Espich a Phi Delta Theta holiday themed date party... and I'm ridiculous, so I brought my best friend Jordan Booth (Alpha Phi) with me... Lucky guy, 2 dates ;)

I partied with #80 on the Colts during the Super Bowl in my home city, INDY!

I “dartied” (hate that word) during Little Five with the winners of the boy’s race- Delta Tau Delta.  This picture is before with some Zeta girlfriends at an ATO live out.

I had a letter of recommendation written for me by a professor that actually knew my name, dreams, and aspirations as a final piece to my intern application.  OFFICE HOURS, OFFICE HOURS, OFFICE HOURS!!!

I went through 4 ID cards, 3 keys and 2 lock changes.

I packed up my freshman year into my car on a Thursday night after my last final.  I said good bye at the Phi Delt house where I started off my freshman year after the day at the pool… That night, I drove to Panama City Beach with my girlfriends on our spontaneous, end-of-the-year, for-no-apparent-reason, road trip.

I’m writing this on the drive home to Indy.  My friends keep throwing out so many crazy things from throughout the year, there’s too many fun times and great memories to count!  Next stop: Center Grove Prom tomorrow morning (May 12th) of all places with my girlfriends from college and my boyfriends from high school.  We thought it would be fun to go back to prom one last time!

I’ve come a long way in my “worldy knowledge” from the night I thought cereal was made with water.  My freshman year of college is one incredible example of that.  I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m proud of myself for coming this far, much more seasoned.  I won’t ever lose sight of who I am or where I came from again.  I’ve got my eye on my future and I’m happy keeping up with all the relationships of life.  I always said I want to make a difference in this world or be the difference in somebody else’s.  If I can accomplish that, I’ll be happy.  I'm 25% done with my time at Indiana University and I understand it is 100% what you make it; I'm making it a time for myself to get involved and expand my horizon.  For now, I’m excited to have a summer full of self-improvement and come back to Bloomington in the fall semester better than ever and ready to rock my sophomore year at Indiana University!

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