Senioritis is Real

Senioritis:  /sē-nyər-ˈī-təs/  noun

A serious problem high school, but more-so college, seniors face regarding lack of motivation, performance, or any care whatsoever.

i.e. "There is no absolutely no way I am doing that assignment, I have senioritis like you would not believe." 

In high school everyone complained about their inability to study, the urge to just graduate, and general overall carelessness. These are all symptoms of senioritis. The only mistake is: high school seniors don't truly understand senioritis until they are college seniors and are literally months away from at least temporarily, if not permanently, ending their educations and starting work. Most of us college seniors are apartment hunting in the new big cities we will live in, doing pre-work for our post-graduate jobs, or have been accepted into graduate school and will suffer from senioritis all over again in a few years.  


Let's take a look at myself, I'm even procrastinating writing this blog. My emails are flooded from my future employer, IU commencement reminders (as if I need a reminder...), and coupons (I'm still broke after all). How am I supposed to focus on the four exams I have in the next 10 days? As college seniors all we see is the end. Not just the happy, finally-no-more-school end, but the sad ends too. The end of Kirkwood, 4th Street, pretty pictures in front of Sample Gates, night walks through campus, and the overall ease of life here. We'll miss the gorgeous colors during autumn and maybe we'll miss the awful winters (especially if you're like me and moving to somewhere with worse winters: 'sup Boston?).


At the end of the day, senioritis is so real it hurts. I'm making this blog even longer so I don't have to start studying for my exam...which is in 24 hours (DO NOT COPY ME).  By absolutely no means am I saying that this is anything anyone other than second-semester seniors can use as an excuse. And let's be honest - after all of our hard work in the last 3.5 or more years with school, social life, clubs, sporting events, tailgates (they're hard work, guys), jobs, and all the emotions accompanying everything.

With that...71 days until graduation. 


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Allison McSorleyCox Exploratory Scholar

I am a business student studying Public Policy Analysis, minoring in Political Science, and headed to law school as soon as I am graduated from this beautiful university. I have dreams of work in law, but in what area is completely unknown quite yet.  

Beyond being busy with school work, I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, I danced in IU Dance Marathon-coolest. thing. ever., I am on the executive board in my sorority, I am a student blogger, but the best thing I am a part of is the Cox Scholars Program.  

I am here to share my experiences with you all as a busy student/scholar at IU!