5 Reasons I'm OK With Being Old

2015 is my graduation year and it is currently 2014.  I have one fiscal year left until I am no longer an undergraduate college student and time could not be flying faster.  

The beginning of 2014 started with sorority recruitment, which meant by January 21, I would officially be a "Grand-Big." Talk about making me feel old-I'm a grand-something.  Last semester I finished I-Core, the semester in Kelley that every business student is working towards from the start.  To top it all off, I turned 21 earlier this month.  All in all, yes, I am an old fart.  Luckily, though, I am not the type of old that seemingly everyone dreads.  I'm the "old" that most people don't mind being.  5 reasons being an upperclassmen is pretty great:

5.  I'm wise and mature, but not too much.

Being a junior in college allows me to give advice to underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores).  I have that "been there, done that" attitude to nearly everything they say.  Whether it be regarding involvement in Greek life, Kelley, living in Central dorms (woot, woot!), being to nearly every sporting event, or basically anything that IU has to offer.  I have made a point to be as involved in possible, but luckily there is plenty left for me to learn within my last 1.5 years left here.

4.  I've officially witnessed some of the best basketball games in Assembly Hall.

Besides not being at the famous UK game back in December 2011 (I did watch, though), I have been to nearly every other game.  I've had tickets for two years now, and was lucky enough to be in the sacred building during the Wisconsin game this 2013-2014 season. I've witnessed some major athletic history. NBD

3. Survived the hardest semester in college history (arguably...).

Being a business student, working towards I-Core is the only thing you are doing up until that time comes.  From the moment I committed myself to being in Kelley and studying Business, I was anticipating that dreaded semester.  Once it came, it was over before I realized (partially because my average hours of sleep per night decreased significantly).  Now that it's gone, I can't help but feel a bit anciet and extremely experienced in that soon-to-be Hodge Hall. 

2. I've made life long friends.

Coming to school my freshman year, I had my life long best friend with me, but we made it a point to say we would expand and meet new people.  With a dorm floor of maybe 20 girls that were "door-closers," that proved to be quite difficult.  Going Greek has changed my life.  I have met that most amazing people, have had incredible opportunities, lead my sorority in a number of ways, and expanded so much.  To make it all even better-my friend from home and I are even closer than ever also. 

1. I have endless opportunity for years to come.

Alpha Omicron Pi, Kelley School of Business, Cox Exploratory Scholarship.  These are just three major organizations have changed my life forever.  As I prepare for law school with LSAT this summer and applications this fall, I know everything I have had thus far in my college experience has altered my life.  My opportunities are endless.

Indiana, we're all for you...


About The Author
Allison McSorleyCox Exploratory Scholar

I am a business student studying Public Policy Analysis, minoring in Political Science, and headed to law school as soon as I am graduated from this beautiful university. I have dreams of work in law, but in what area is completely unknown quite yet.  

Beyond being busy with school work, I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, I danced in IU Dance Marathon-coolest. thing. ever., I am on the executive board in my sorority, I am a student blogger, but the best thing I am a part of is the Cox Scholars Program.  

I am here to share my experiences with you all as a busy student/scholar at IU!