What this whole WeAreIU.com thing is really about

Yesterday at the Student Involvement Fair in Dunn Meadow, you might have seen me or my fellow student authors at the WeAreIU.com table. By the time I left the fair at 1:00, we had over 150 people who were interested in being a student contributor, and many more people who had heard of the website and said they have read posts on it.  One freshman even shared that they read posts on here before coming to school and that it really helped her know what to expect and not be as nervous. That is Awesome!!! I'm so glad our words and thoughts can help people and that we can learn from other's experiences.

Being a Student Contibutor at WeAreIU.com has been a great experience and I'm so glad I did it. First of all it's so easy to do. You can literally do it from anywhere at anytime about really anything you want in any style or format. It's a good outlet to talk about whatever you want and yes I will be honest it looks good on a resume, but also its a good way to be connected with other people and is a good skill to have. I also love, love, love reading the other student contrbutor's posts! Everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences and they all have exciting things to talk about. From reading other people's posts, I learned about restaurants I didn't even know about (but I'm definitely going to try them out now), study abroad programs, what its like to be a transfer student, and a lot more!

Even if you didn't sign up yesterday at the fair, you can still become a student contributor! You just click the "Become a student blogger" link and fill out the form.

Thanks for reading and I hope you become a Student Contibutor too!! :)

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Allison LefkoHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management major with a minor in Spanish

Hey Everyone! I am a Senior here at this wonderful place we call IU. I love going to sporting events (can't wait for basketball season!) and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you what me to write about.

Thanks for reading! :)