What the Best Care Package is...

What would you like to see in a care package from home? What are your all-time favorite things that you have either received, or would like to receive, in a care package?

This question was posed to us recently and I definitely want to respond to it!

In a bunch of materials for parents about what to expect when their child goes off to school, there is a sheet about ordering customized care packages for different occasions like birthdays, finals, Halloween, etc... Basically for any occasion, they have a care package for it. Those are great and all, however they aren't customizable so they might include a lot of things that you don't even like. I personally think the best care package is one parents make themselves. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, but a few of your child's favorite things  and a note about how much you love and miss them really shows you care and think about them! The best care package I ever got was freshmen year, randomly in September, from my parents (it wasn't any special occasion, so it was a fantastic surprise and totally made my day!). It had in it: Two magazines, My favorite type of gum, Chocolate, and a letter about how much they missed me and loved me and they hoped I had a good day, etc... Nothing fancy or special, just made and sent with love and care!

As a parent, you know what kind of things your child likes and can customize a package just for them. Other good things besides their favorite junk food is pictures and little trinkets from home, something funny that will make them laugh, and letters from friends and family! Also anything that they may have forgotten at home or that you think will be useful to them in college is great too.

The most important thing is that: It's the thought that counts!! Anything you send to your child will be much appreciated!

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