Reminiscing on Freshman Year

I'm back from IU for the summer and while I will not miss dining hall food, communal bathrooms, the sketchy basement laundry room, or homework there are many things that I will miss about college. Now that I'm home, it's a lot more quieter around and while sometimes that could be a good thing, it can also be boring at times. In college, there are so many things to do and so many people to do it with. It's nice having all your friends so close. Now at home, my closest friend is like a five minute drive away. It's not terrible, its just different and a big adjustment from having your friends right down the hall or next door. Pretty much everything I needed or wanted to do at IU was in walking distance and there was always the handy dandy campus bus too to get to the mall or off campus places. And while a dorm room is certainly not something you would want to live in forever, dorm life is a unique experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life. It's the beginning of being on your own, but not totally alone without any support. There's always the RA's and center desk staff to help you if you have a problem and there's something special about living in close proximity with 50 other people for nine months. Wether you all end up super close or you never want to see those people ever again, they play a big part in shaping your freshman year.

Here is my number one piece of advice for returning or incoming collegiates:

EMBRACE IT! What I mean here is to just go with the flow, don't let the little things bug or annoy you, do what you want to do and just enjoy this wonderful, wacky, stressful, exciting, life-changing thing that is called college. Sure there will be times when you're up to your eyeballs in studying and you think you can't last any longer, or the kid down the hall is blasting Call Me Maybe for the 1,000th time and you want to scream, but just realize it's part of the experience and later in life when you look back on it those things won't be such a big deal. Embrace the rubbery dining hall food and communal bathrooms because that's part of being in college!

Have a great summer everyone!!!

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Allison LefkoHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management major with a minor in Spanish

Hey Everyone! I am a Senior here at this wonderful place we call IU. I love going to sporting events (can't wait for basketball season!) and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you what me to write about.

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