IUBB's Sweet Sixteen - A Trip to Atlanta!!

Hey guys, so I wanted to share with you all something cool that I did this past weekend. In case you live under a rock, or didn't hear about it, the IU Men's Basketball team made it to the Sweet Sixteen in Atlanta this past weekend and I got to go!!! Yes, it was expensive and we made a long drive to see them lose, but it was sooo worth it! I went with three other girls and one of their moms and sister. We left early Friday March 23rd so we would get to Atlanta in plenty of time. Before the game, there was a pep rally for the IU team at their hotel (the lovely Downtown Atlanta Marriott) and tons of people were outside to cheer on the players and coaches before they got on the buses to go to the Georgia Dome, (home of the Atlanta Falcons) where the game was being played. We got to the Dome early enough to see the first game and we had a good view of the court! Btw, Baylor's uniform were very distracting (think NEON GREEN!!). They beat Xavier and then finally the IU game started. Our seats were about three rows behind the basket and it was a great view! However, we were in a sea of Kentucky blue, but we still cheered hard for our Hoosiers. It was a close game and we fought hard, but unfortunately ended up losing (no one can take that December victory over Kentucky away from us though!!). I'm so proud of the whole team for even making it that far!!

My friends and I stayed until Sunday in Atlanta and we wore IU apparel loud and proud. We met a lot of people, including fans from the other teams, who said they had been rooting for IU and that the basketball team played really well. We also saw a bunch of Hoosier faithful fans still out and about in Hoosier gear. WE HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE COUNTRY!! From cellar-dwellers to making it to the Sweet Sixteen, the basketball team has been through a lot, but Hoosier fans are proud of them no matter what. I'm already looking forward to next season to see what it will bring. I have three more years at school to cheer for the Hoosiers, but I will be a fan my whole life!

Oh and this link below is a story about one of my friend's that came to Atlanta with me. The Indianapolis Star interviewed her about being such a big fan!


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