IFS: One Of The Best Decisions Of My College Career!

At first hearing the title of Intensive Freshman Seminars, or IFS as I will refer to it, one may wonder what it is and why anyone would ever do it. I mean intensive?? And you have to give up a couple weeks of your summer to take a class? What?? However, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in regards to my college career. I think they have made some changes for this year so it's only two weeks instead of three and you live in Foster instead of Wright, but it still should be a blast. You get to take a class (and while it's supposed to be intensive, it's not that bad) that you have every weekday for three hours from like 9-12 and then the rest of the day you can do whatever. Yeah, you might have homework to do, but you can work on it with the new friends from your class. Each class is assigned an intern who can help you with assignments and who walks you to class! You will be on the same floor as the other same-sex members of your class and you might have a roommate or might not, it's just random. I did random and now she's one of my closest friends at college!

This link will give you more information about this years IFS program including the dates of it and what the classes are: http://www.ifs.indiana.edu/

There are so many cool classes that I wanted to take more than one! Whatever you pick though, you will get three credit hours for it, so that's pretty cool! And some of the classes might even count for a general-education requirement so it's a huge plus. Besides just going to class though, there were a lot fun programs every day which where totally optional, but most of them were pretty fun. Every Thursday night, we had a coffeehouse talent show, there were scavenger hunts, exercise classes, group field trips, tie dying, and much more. At the end of the program there was a banquet where everyone dressed up nicely and we sat with our class, ate good food, and said goodbye.

IFS was a great experience and I could go on and on about it, but to save you all from boredom I won't. To sum it up though I made great friends, got three credit hours out of the way, and felt confident and adjusted on campus before real college even came to Bloomington! I would recommend that even if you have the slightest interest in it, check out the website! Also you can comment on here if you have any specific questions about anything or want to know more about my experience!

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